Methods of treatment of tobacco smoking: coding, aversive therapy, hypnosis, homeopathy

Tobacco dependence causes disability, shortens life. To combat it, state programs are created, advanced methods are used, but the spread of bad habits continues.

Tobacco smoking treatment

It is known that 90% of smokers have experience of attempts to refuse cigarettes.70% of them again light a few months later. More than 60% of smokers of all ages express a desire to quit.

Independent attempts to get rid of smoking were undertaken by more than 29% of smokers, but not everyone can cope with the disease. Seeking medical help helps the patient realize that smoking is a disease requiring treatment.


To overcome this condition, methods that motivate the patient are used. Failures in the treatment of smoking dependency are due to the fact that smokers do not consider their habit a disease, but are inclined to think that they simply do not have enough willpower to quit smoking.


Psychotherapeutic influence renders authoritative advice of a doctor. The doctor tells the smoker how his health will deteriorate because of smoking. The doctor argues the recommendations of the smoker's analysis results, the presence of a history of illness.


An expert in narcology recommends exercises for relaxation and attention switching, it teaches the methods of autogenic training.


Hypnosis treatment acts on induced smokers. At the same time, several patients are present, the course of treatment can consist of 8-16 sessions.

During the session, the patient is injected into the hypnotic trance using a metronome, verbal command. Then they disgust cigarette smoke, describing the situation. Hypnosis treatment can be done in a group or individually.


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The video session of the treatment of hypnosis of smoking:

Author's methods

The author's methods for refusing smoking are based on personal experience of getting rid of addiction, auto-training, psychotherapeutic techniques.

The most famous are the "sobriety theory" of Zhdanov, the method of Dr. Demin, Allen Carr, the "reprogramming of consciousness" G. Shichko, the relaxing self-edification course from smoking Yu. Sokolov.

Encoding by the method of Dovzhenko

The method of encoding by Dovzhenko includes motivation and proper coding. The patient is adjusted to the need for treatment, creates a positive attitude with the help of psychotherapeutic techniques.

Then, with the help of hypnotic suggestion, one is forced to believe that if the encoding is broken there are unpleasant sensations, pain. It is possible to codify from smoking only under condition of strong motivation.

Drug Therapy

Apply methods of complete quitting, as well as nicotine replacement therapy, in which small doses of nicotine enter the body daily, alleviating the negative effect of abstinence due to smoking cessation.


Used for the treatment of nicotine dependence varenicline( Champix) and cytisine( Tabex), as well as nicotine replacement therapy - patches, inhalers, tablets and other medicines. This method of treatment allows you not only to get rid of addiction, but also to cleanse the body of harmful substances.

Varenicline is taken 7 days before quitting, and then for another 3-6 months. The nicotine patch is used for 2-3 weeks. The inhaler, spray, lozenges are used for a long time, for 3-6 months.

Like an inhaler looks and uses an electronic cigarette. The dose of nicotine in it is minimal, and there are no tar, oxides, heavy metals. The danger of using it is the risk of increasing the dose when replacing the cartridge.

Drugs are usually well tolerated, although sometimes there is nausea, insomnia, there is a headache, in very rare cases - complications from the cardiovascular system.

Doctor of a narcologist on the treatment of dependence on tobacco smoking:


Coding from smoking is called inspiring actions that affect the subconscious mind through indirect sensations. Coding is effective in the case of a positive attitude toward treatment. One of the ways of coding is laser.

The laser beam processes biologically active points on the auricles. The procedure is recommended for people who have strong motivation to get rid of tobacco forever.

This method gives a result in the treatment of dependence in people who believe in acupuncture, the effectiveness of exposure to reflexogenic points. For the disappearance of a predilection for smoking it is necessary to hold 1-2 sessions.

Aversion therapy

Method name aversivnaya therapy comes from the Latin word aversatio, meaning "disgust".At the heart of the methodology is the development of a patient's rejection of tobacco by developing a reflex.

As an aversive stimulus that causes aversion to tobacco, drugs are acting.

For the treatment of addiction,

  • is used to rinse the mouth with liquids that, when mixed with saliva, give an unpleasant disgusting taste in the mouth;
  • tongue and gums are moistened with silver nitrate.

Method of "quick smoking"

Treated from smoking in a group. Patients are encouraged to tighten simultaneously on command. Tightenings follow every 6 seconds, participants in the session are surrounded by clubs of cigarette smoke, which causes disgust, vomiting, lacrimation.

The method has several modifications, but all of them work, due to the high toxic effect and are not suitable for all. The technique is controversial, it uses coercion of the patient, which for ethical reasons is impossible.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

Physiotherapy treatment does not guarantee complete disposal of harmful habit, it serves as an auxiliary method. Physiotherapeutic methods include TPP-therapy, laser-, reflexotherapy.


The method is based on the view that dependence on tobacco is more psychological than physical. Some doctors even believe that smoking is just a bad habit, not physically addictive, like drugs or alcohol.

By irritating the reflexogenic areas with special needles, the doctor achieves a change in the elaborated reflexes, influences the activity of the brain, relieves the desire to smoke.
The video treatment of smoking with acupuncture:

Laser therapy

Laser coding has much in common with reflexogenic therapy with some differences: a laser beam is used instead of needles.

The laser beam processes active points on the shells of the ears. It is recommended that the procedure should be carried out for people who are motivated to have a positive result, to get rid of tobacco forever. For the disappearance of a predilection for smoking it is necessary to hold 1-2 sessions.

Respiratory gymnastics

Complexes of gymnastics help improve blood circulation in the lungs, increase their working volume. Specially selected exercises seek cleansing of the respiratory tract from the accumulation of toxic tar, settled on the walls of the smallest pulmonary alveoli, bronchi.

Strelnikova and Buteyko complexes are popular, there are several ways to improve lung function in yoga practice.


The method of transcranial electrostimulation or TPP-therapy consists in using pulsed currents to stimulate the brain. The action of currents leads to the development of endorphins, which increase resistance to stress.

The method works in conjunction with psychotherapeutic methods that increase the motivation for quitting smoking.

Folk methods

Folk methods and homeopathy are effective as an additional aid. They act if a person really wants to be cured. Available means can be prepared on the basis of valerian, hops, cumin and chamomile, taken in the proportion of 2: 1: 1: 1.

Brew a spoonful of mixture in a glass of boiling water, insist 2 hours. They drink before bedtime. This soothing collection helps to remove irritability, anxiety, reduce cravings for smoking.

In folk medicine, there are also motherwort, hawthorn, marshmallow, licorice, yarrow, currant leaves, peppermint.


To reduce the craving for a cigarette homeopathic remedies help. Medicines are made individually, and the effectiveness of the action depends largely on the mood of the smoker. The medicine serves only as an aid, without sufficient desire to quit smoking from the side of the smoker to part with nicotine forever will not work.

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