Table with pancreatitis, diet 5, 5p, 1, what is the best dietary menu for the pancreas?

In order to reduce the chemical and mechanical stress on the stomach, patients are prescribed a diet. This is a table with pancreatitis containing the following ingredients:

  • Fats - vegetable only refined with a daily rate of 15 grams, butter up to 30 g daily
  • Beverages - warm juices with water from berries, fruits, vegetables, fruit drinks, fruit broths, sweet teamilk
  • Sauces - without flour pouring, only on milk or vegetable broths, fruit and berry without spices, tomatoes
  • Fruits, berries - only non-acidic, ripe apples, avocados, kiwi, bananas, watermelons, melons, pineapples, strawberries present in the menu5 diets
  • Vegetables - squash, squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, beets, eggplant
  • Wheatgrass, rice, barley, buckwheat, oats, cooked on milk or water, in the form of puddings
  • Eggs - in the form of easily digestible dishes,not more than half a yolk per day
  • Dairy products - non-acidic and non-fat among fermented milk, milk, sour cream, low-fat cheese, curd, available in menu 5 diets
  • Fish - perch, cod, trout, other low-fat dietary
  • Meat - chicken, dietary rabbit,turkey, beef, veal, lean pigson
  • Soups - on vegetarian broth without mushrooms, beets, milk
  • Bread - yesterday's white, dry sugar-free biscuits, white rusks

All this includes menu 5 for dietary nutrition, the products are selected with the following requirements:

  • minimum fat, forwhich requires enzymes produced by the pancreatic
  • minimum calories in the diet menu 5 after the attack, a gradual increase in the remission of
  • minimum of jam, honey, sugar, carbohydrates which, when fermented, release gases that press on the intestine and the diseased organ
  • replacement of animal protein with vegetable in the diet menu 5 when leaving remission, and vice versa with stable condition
  • absence of coarse fiber and acid products in the menu
  • decrease in menu 5 cholesterol, essential oils, purines, extracts
  • increase in vitamins and lipotropes in the diet

Gradually increasesthe number of calories in the diet table for pancreatitis upon remission, starting from the fifth day after the attack. Menu 5 of the first type is changed to the second after two weeks, it is used from six to twelve months. Table 5 with pancreatitis begins the morning with liquid porridge, continues its puree from root vegetables. At lunch there is a soup without meat, but a dietary piece of it must be in the second dish. The diet table with pancreatitis is completed in the evening with a portion of curdled milk or water with honey. The first week the dishes are not salted, after which the dosage is increased gradually.

Kissel, cereals, fruits and vegetables include a diet menu in pancreatitis, and, with stable remission, experimentally find acceptable for the body options. The dietary table is severely restricted in relation to any alcohol, gastroenterologists recommend the refusal of smoking. The diet for pancreatitis is called "table 5", because this is the fifth number of medical diets created by M. Pevzner. Each of the fifteen is optimal for the disease of certain organs, some are universal.

If the dietary table is regularly used for chronic type pancreatitis, the patient does not experience discomfort, there are no crises. All the necessary substances enter the body, allowing it to function without interruption. Violation of the diet regime 5 table in pancreatitis again leads to an aggravation. The meaning of treatment is to stop the destruction of the pancreas to itself. Caffeine, contained in tea, is also harmful, but diluted tea is acceptable if it contains milk, which neutralizes the destructive power of caffeine. When pancreatitis is best suited homogenized milk, in which the fat is ground.

Therapeutic table for pancreatitis

In cases of pancreatitis, several diets can be observed. To achieve a speedy recovery, you can use the menu:

  • number 1 - used in diseases of the stomach;
  • №5 - is prescribed for chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis;
  • table 5p is a menu specially designed for patients suffering from pancreatitis.

All variety of diets is well suited for people who have exacerbations of the disease, as well as its chronic course is not subject to long and persistent remission. To diversify the diet, you can take meals from these diets. With exacerbation and pain, one should adhere to therapeutic starvation. It is better to start eating from 2-3 days, adhering to the table menu 5p.

Table 5p

This diet is appointed to establish a sparing regimen for the digestive organs, reduce the excitability of the spleen and prevent the threat of fatty hepatosis or fatty infiltrations of the liver and pancreas.

The purpose of this diet is directly related to menu 5 and 1, which are also used for exacerbations of diseases of the digestive system.

Dishes of the treatment table number 5p are made taking into account the increased content:

  • proteins;
  • lipotropic substances;
  • vitaminized foods.

This diet strictly limits the use of sugars, fats, purines, essential oils, coarse fiber.

Table №1

Diet number 1 is prescribed for diseases of the stomach and intestines during periods of exacerbation, to accelerate the healing of mucous membranes, improve secretion and motor function of the stomach.

This diet does not limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, and therefore suitable for patients with pancreatitis only in a period of persistent remission.

Table 1 requires the preparation of dishes from wiped or well-ground products without the use of spices and seasonings, with strict temperature control( food can not be cold or hot) - this position is completely suitable for patients with pancreatitis.

Therapeutic table number 5

The main direction of diet number 5 is to improve the work not so much the pancreas as the liver. It is believed that people need this diet, who need to take care of the organs of the digestive tract. Strict time limits for nutrition in accordance with the recommendations of this food is not. According to it, the total amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet corresponds to the needs of a healthy organism. And at the same time table number 5 in pancreatitis severely limits the consumption of fat, as they are harmful to people who have suffered hepatitis.

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