Mycospores: indications, instructions for use, contraindications, analogues, reviews

Modern medications that fight with nail fungus manifestations have a balanced composition, thanks to which a positive effect is noted after a short time of their use. Among particularly effective remedies, it is worthwhile dwelling on the antimycot preparation Mikospor, which has a high effectiveness of application, minimal amount of side effects during use and ease of application. A large number of positive reviews about this drug testifies to the possibility of its use even in advanced stages of the fungus of nails, when this disease is especially difficult to cure.

Having a pronounced effectiveness in the fight against many fungal nail diseases, the Mikospor drug refers to a remedy with a wide spectrum of action. This is due to its composition, the ability to quickly affect the pathogenic microflora, eliminating not only the symptoms of the disease, but also the causes that caused it. With particularly neglected conditions characterized by a significant deterioration in the type of nails, destruction of their tissue and even adjacent areas of healthy skin, Mikospor should be used in complex treatment: taking tablets with a similar effect and subcutaneous injections allows the elimination of external manifestations of the disease in the shortest possible time. The price and instructions for use of the Mikospor kit, reviews about it and analogues of the substance are described in this material.

Features of the drug

The most important feature of the drug against mycobacterial fungi is its composition: balance, rapid manifestation of action and long-term preservation of the result - these qualities favorably distinguish Mikospor among funds with a similar effect. The positive effect of the active substance of the preparation - bifonazole is revealed both when exposed to mold and yeast fungi, as well as to dermatophytes.

The absence of aggressive components in the composition of the drug makes it possible to apply it even to people with increased sensitivity of the skin, to children and to the elderly. Excellent results showed this remedy for the cure of virtually any fungal lesions of the nail plate: it removes the nail crumbling, the appearance of cracks and characteristic spots on it, the itching and burning of the skin are eliminated. An important advantage of the drug can be considered the absence of greasy shine on the skin after absorption of the composition, the ability to combine it with other antifungal agents, which allows for a faster effect in treatment.

The application of the cream is not difficult, the dosage of the product is prescribed in the detailed instructions that are attached to the drug when purchased. You can buy Mycospore in pharmacies of the city without a doctor's prescription.

Composition of Mycospores

Active agent Mikospore is bifonazole, equally effective for various types of fungal lesions. The composition of the preparation may differ slightly depending on the dosage form.

The amount of active substance in all forms of the drug is the same, and the accompanying components largely determine both the final consistency of the preparation and the specificity of its action.

So, in the cream of Mikospor is about 1 g of active substance, 40 g of urea. Additional components include:

  • vaseline base;
  • purified glycerin;
  • beeswax;
  • lanolin.

Its icing activity should be considered as a special feature of urea: it corrodes the pathogenic microflora on the nail plate; when using a cream base, it should be taken into account that this form is most preferable for onycomicosis of nails - this fungal lesion is especially good and is quickly cured by exposure to drugs containing in itcomposition of urea.

The price for an ointment, cream, solution from Mycospore fungus is given below.

Dosage forms and prices

Today on sale there are three forms of the preparation Mikospor: it is a cream, ointment and spray( solution), which is intended for external use. All dosage forms coped with practically all forms of fungal nail diseases, regaining their normal state and stabilizing the nail microflora.

  • The cream form and solution( spray) are designed to treat fungal lesions of both the nail plate and the skin.
  • Ointment is especially effective in the treatment of onycomicosis of nails due to the presence in it of a certain amount of urea.

Ointment and cream are packaged in aluminum tubes of 10, 15 grams, as well as in cardboard packaging with the attached detailed instructions. The solution( spray) of Mycospores is packaged in a container of dark glass and has a concentration of 1%.

The cost of the drug in any form is considered quite affordable: the price of a vial of a solution can range from 125 to 230 rubles, ointments and cream - about 89-250 rubles.

Pharmacological action of

A special feature of this agent for the treatment of fungal infections should be considered its rapid absorption of the nail plate without penetration into the bloodstream, which avoids the possible negative manifestations when using the drug. Absorption occurs in the nail bed, where the active substance reaches the necessary concentration for the action and elimination of pathogenic microflora.


Thanks to its formula, the Mikospor drug has proven itself in both monotherapy and complex therapy. This is provided by the action of the active substance on the nail: a sharp restriction on the propagation of pathogenic microflora, the elimination of the possibility of its normal functioning ensure the success of treatment of any form of fungal attack.

The minimum amount of adverse events is provided by the absence of penetration of constituent components into the bloodstream, which ensures that there is no harmful effect on the liver and kidneys responsible for removing the decay products of the drug.


The composition of the drug is as balanced as possible;the destruction of membranes of fungal cells is ensured by the action of the active substance Mikospor on them. In this case, bifonazole does not penetrate into the blood and causes neither the occurrence of side effects nor allergic reactions in patients.


The use of the preparation Mycospores is indicated for any fungal lesions of both nails and the nail plate. Rapid penetration deep into the nail tissues, exposure to cells and their shells of the active ingredient makes it possible to quickly eliminate the negative impact of the fungus on healthy tissues, to stop its further multiplication.

To the indications for the use of Mycospores should include the following conditions:

  • onychomycosis of the nail plate;
  • the need to remove non-surgically the completely affected nail plate;
  • pseudomycosis;
  • localized pruritus with fungal infection;
  • nail disease with fungus( yeast, mold).

Also this remedy has proven itself in the treatment of skin candidiasis, mycosis of the skin, eliminating the possibility of spreading fungal damage to healthy tissues.

Instructions for the use of ointments, creams and other forms of medication from the Mikorspor set for nails are given below.

Instruction for use

The use of Mikospor is quite simple: the cream or ointment should be applied( quite abundantly) to the affected nail plate, leave until completely absorbed. To leave at night, the ointment can be fixed with a bandage, which greatly increases the degree of effectiveness of the drug.

The duration of the exposure directly depends on the degree of damage. At the initial stages of fungal infection, it is enough to use 2-3 times a day for 3-8 weeks. With the same form of the disease, the duration of Mikospor's use may be longer: 6-18 weeks with a further break and control of the nail plate.


Contraindications to the use of Mycospores include increased sensitivity of the skin, a tendency to allergies to antifungal drugs, as well as early childhood( up to 6 months), which is associated with high sensitivity of the skin of babies.

Side effects of

When using Mycospores in childhood, and also with individual sensitivity of the skin and nails to the components of the remedy, the following adverse reactions are likely to occur:

  • reddening of the skin;
  • rashes;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin and nail;
  • thinning of the nail plate.

The listed side effects may occur when the drug is used by people with particularly sensitive skin, so to avoid the possibility of their appearance, consult a dermatologist first.

Special instructions

  • Use of Mikospor is not excluded during pregnancy , but caution should be exercised and consult a doctor beforehand about possible side effects.
  • Also in the childhood of , it is necessary to use with emphasis Maskospor Ointment with a high urea content, which has a certain activity.

Interaction with other drugs

With complex therapy for especially advanced stages of the disease, Mikospor has proven itself well, the absence of a decrease in its effectiveness when interacting with other drugs allows it to be used in a complex effect.

Reviews about Mycospores from nail fungus read below.


Many patients who suffered from fungal lesions of the skin and nails, noted the high efficacy of the Mycospores, which is good for both the initial stages of the disease, and when it is running. Differing from the analogues by the balance of composition, minimal amount of side effects and ease of use, and also affordable cost, Mikospor is deservedly popular in the treatment of any type of fungal lesions.

An important advantage of Mikospor should be mentioned and the possibility of choosing its dosage form: a solution for external use, ointment or cream - everyone can choose the most convenient form of the drug.


The following antifungal agents should be classified as analogues of the drug:

  • Bifosin;
  • Bifonazole;
  • Travogen;
  • Flucostat.

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