Herbs and medicinal preparations for the treatment of duodenal ulcers: aloe, chamomile, celandine, chicory

Duodenal ulcer is treated with a set of various measures:

  • medication;
  • diet therapy;
  • treatment of duodenal ulcers with herbs( under the herbs it is customary to understand all plants endowed with medicinal properties);

Herbs from duodenal ulcers are used not only as an auxiliary effective method for the main drug treatment regimen, but also as a powerful preventative remedy preventing recurrence of the disease.

For treatment and prevention, patients use both drug monotherapy and medicinal herbal medicines.

Phytotherapists draw the attention of patients to the fact that the first positive dynamics should appear after the expiration of seven days after the beginning of herbal treatment. If during this time the changes did not occur, it would be more expedient to change the phyto course. When herbalism is necessary to adhere to dietary nutrition.

Aloe vera duodenal ulcer

The juice of this evergreen plant from the family of lily has a bactericidal, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating effect.

Contraindication to the treatment of this plant will be epilepsy, heart disease, hypertension, bleeding during menstruation, pregnancy, liver disease, urinary, gallbladder.

To make an infusion of aloe yourself, the plant needs to be prepared. Do not water the flower for a couple of weeks, then cut the leaves off of it and put them in the refrigerator for twelve days.

  • Recipe No.1

Crush the leaves of aloe, using a combine or meat grinder, add honey, slowly heat up to sixty degrees. Then pour into the resulting heated mixture of a half liter of good red dry wine, stir and insist in the dark for a week. Take three times a day for an hour before you sit down at the table. The course is three weeks. To prepare medicinal infusion, you will need vegetable raw materials and honey in the amount of 250 grams.

  • Recipe №2

1. Half a gallon of butter, as much honey, aloe( juice) - 6 small spoons, as many pieces of egg whites - everything must be mixed. The resulting consistency will not be uniform. How to use?

2. Half a glass of warm milk( not hotter than 60 ° C) with a spoon of medicinal mixture mixed in it and drink in the morning and at lunch, a couple of hours before eating. In the evening after two hours after dinner.

Chamomile helps with ulcers of the duodenum

With ulcer of the duodenum, infusion of medicinal inflorescences will relieve spasm, reduce inflammation and anaesthetize. The essential oils that make up the plant disinfect and suppress fermentation in the intestine.

In the treatment of peptic ulcer, chamomile is used as an independent component for the preparation of medicinal decoction and infusion, and as a significant unit in medicinal collections. The therapeutic effect of using the plant becomes noticeable after a few months( 2-3).

The list of contraindications for this plant is rather limited. Perhaps the only serious point will become pregnancy. The medicinal plant stimulates the production of estrogens, which can negatively affect the intrauterine development of the fetus.

  • How to prepare a chamomile broth?

Dry raw materials( 10 grams) put in a bowl( preferably glass or enameled), pour hot, but not boiling water( 200 ml) and cover with a lid. After warming the broth for half an hour in a water bath, cool, wring out the raw materials and strain and bring the volume to 20 ml., Topping the boiled water. Put the broth in a cool place. Take one third of the glass three times a day after a meal.

  • Infusion of camomile

2.5-4 grams of raw material pour cold water( 200 ml.), Insist for at least eight hours. Drink for a few meals in one day.

  • Gathering with duodenal ulcer with chamomile

Take equal portions of chamomile, calendula, yarrow( 5 grams), pour half a liter of boiling water and put on the infusion overnight.40 days you need to take a healing decoction three times a day for three quarters of a glass. Repeat the course in two weeks.

Cleanser and duodenal ulcer

With ulcer of the duodenum, this herb, which has antibacterial, antitumoral properties, is used as a decoction or tincture to relieve inflammation, reduce pain, and sooner scarring of the defect.

But the wrong use of a poisonous plant will give the opposite effect in the form of the strongest inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Therefore, using celandine with duodenal ulcer, strictly observe the formulation of the drug.

  • Infusion prepared from celandine

1. A small spoon of dry raw material;

2. Kettle( 400 ml);

All insist three quarters of an hour, drain. Drink 130 grams of a warm herbal drink three times a day, 40 minutes before you start eating. The course of treatment is three weeks. For the prevention of recurrence of the disease, the therapeutic course of treatment of intestinal ulcers with celandine begins in the last days of February and August.

How to take chicory with duodenal ulcer?

With a duodenal ulcer to this plant, which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, digestive properties, an ambiguous attitude.

Many gastroenterologists prohibit the plant in both dietary nutrition of the patient( as a substitute for coffee), and antiulcer therapy.

This is due to the characteristic ability of the herb to dilate blood vessels, which is contraindicated in the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract with ulceration of mucous membranes, if their integrity is impaired.

If chicory is found in the life of a peanut, it only occurs in the composition of the herbal collection. For example, such a collection with duodenal ulcer:

Dandelion( root), elecampane, shepherd's bag, chicory mixed in equal parts. Pour a large spoon of the collected collection with cold water( 300 ml) to insist an hour and a half, boil no longer than 10 minutes, strain. Take a large pair of spoons before breakfast and dinner.

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