From the ear a yellow liquid flows without a smell: methods of treatment for adults and children

Allocation of any liquid from the ear is an unpleasant symptom that should alert you and raise concerns about the health of your hearing system. Allocations can have a different color, consistency, odor. However, what should be done if the liquid from the ear appears yellow?

Yellow liquid from the ear

Yellow or transparent liquid from the ear can not be perceived as a separate problem. Such a symptom is a direct signal indicating that an inflammatory process is taking place in the body.

If the allocation is scanty and the person is not worried about the additional symptoms - temperature, weakness, earache, chills, it is likely that the problem of discharge could become an ordinary sulfuric plug, which melted under the influence of high temperature. This can happen because of the heat on the street or after visiting the sauna.

About what the secretions of

Say from the ear, which have a distinct yellowish hue, can indicate the presence of a variety of infectious diseases. Most ofte

n suspected of getting purulent and acute otitis. Each of the ailments can manifest its degree of activity and have some symptoms:

  • pressure in the ear;
  • dull pain in;
  • hearing impairment;
  • discomfort;
  • temperature increase;
  • headache.

Types of yellow discharge from the ear

yellow discharge

Additional symptoms

Otitis of the external ear is a disease that is most often diagnosed to those who have come with complaints of discharge. Suffer the ailment of an amateur swim and those who have the stupid habit of constantly breaking the integrity of the protective shell of the ear, thrusting inside the passage of various foreign objects.

In addition to secretions, otitis media of the external ear can be accompanied by reddening around the ear canal, itching and burning, and also sensation of heat within the canal.

In otitis media, several important components of the ear canal are affected simultaneously. So, there is a damage to the area immediately behind the tympanic membrane, the ear bones and then the brain.

This disease is infectious. Therefore, pathogenic microorganisms at constant reproduction provoke the appearance of purulent discharge, the death of tissues.

Mastoiditis is a complication of otitis, which manifests itself more aggressively, but has virtually identical symptoms. So, with mastoiditis there are abundant purulent discharge of their ear, high fever, headache.

Cholesteatoma is a dangerous disease that can affect the vestibular and visual apparatus of a person. Cystic formation appears immediately behind the tympanic membrane. The proliferation of tissues leads to the release of a characteristic liquid with an unpleasant odor, constant headaches, and also a feeling of constriction inside.


Diagnostic measures are performed exclusively by a specialist. So, after collecting anamnesis and examination, the doctor can make the first conclusions, concerning the general condition of the patient.

To identify a more effective method of treatment, the doctor prescribes a series of procedures and tests that will speed up the healing process:

  • bacterial culture of excreta;
  • general blood test;
  • otoscopy;
  • audiometry;
  • tympanometry;
  • tomography;
  • radiography.

According to the findings of the analysis received, assignments are made. Most often they include conservative therapy.


The acute form of the disease, when a yellowish liquid flows out of the ear, can speak of a serious illness. This sign is especially dangerous if it is supplemented by pain and an increased temperature of the patient's body. Faced with such signs, in no case should you take any action for self-management of the disease.

It is necessary to contact the otolaryngologist. A prohibition on self-medication is caused by the fact that different diseases of the ears require a different therapeutic approach. So, if the cause of yellowish discharge was furunculosis, warming up excellently accelerates the healing process( especially if you combine warm compresses with antibiotics).But in the case of other diseases, warming up the ears can lead to a deterioration in the human condition and an increase in body temperature.

Yellow liquid from the ear is treated differently. The appointment of the therapy is done directly by the attending physician.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics for the treatment of ear disease

symptom management


This type of therapy is used in the early stages of ear disease. He is the most harmless for the patient and does not require hospitalization.

Medications suppress the inflammatory processes, and in especially neglected cases of the disease, the patient is additionally assigned a multiple daily cleaning of the ear canal.
Also the physician often prescribes physiotherapy. These include ultraviolet heating, compresses and high-frequency radiation treatment.

Infectious diseases of the ear are treated with antibiotics. Can appoint one drug or several at the same time. Most often doctors prescribe Suprax, Levofloxacin and Cefuroxime aksetil. Any antibiotic is used for at least 10 consecutive days. When the infection is also prescribed antibacterial ear drops, such as Normax and others.

It is important to know that when you have any anxiety symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor and report them. Dangerous signs of deterioration are vomiting, nausea, loss of coordination and headaches. These symptoms may indicate that the disease has come very close to the brain and poses an immediate threat to the life of the patient.

What can not be done if a yellow liquid flows from the ear:

Folk remedies

Some folk methods of therapy are recommended by the doctors themselves. But it is important to remember that this is only an additional measure to combat discharge from the ear. In no case should you refuse medication in favor of folk remedies. However, you can combine both methods for accelerated recovery.

The most common and safe for the human ears methods of folk therapy are the following simple recipes:

  1. Flax oil and onion oil should be mixed in equal amounts. After it is necessary to moisten in this solution a piece of cotton wool and insert it into the ear for 2.5 hours.
  2. In the case when the doctor allowed warming up, you can use salt for this. A glass of salt should be heated well in a pan, and then poured into a dense fabric, folded into several layers( it is desirable to make a bag or use a clean, towel-wrapped sock).To adjust salt it is necessary to a sick ear before a dream.
  3. Chamomile infusion perfectly copes with inflammation and soothes mucous. A teaspoon of chamomile must be filled with a glass of strong boiling water. After the infusion has cooled down, you can wipe both ears. Use soft tissue or cotton wool

Complications of

Among the complications that can be obtained by ignoring the secretions from the ear, there is partial and complete hearing loss, visual impairment, loss of normal coordination of movements.

How to remove the discharge from the ear, see in our video:


Surgical operation is an extreme measure in case of ear diseases. Assign surgery in very complicated and neglected cases of ear disease. It is aimed at the removal of bone tissue, which affected the infection. Also, the operation is performed to restore the eardrum or bones of the middle ear. Also, surgery is indicated for meningitis and abscess, that is, when pus enters the brain.


Prevention methods are fairly simple and do not represent anything supernatural.

  1. Not only the ears, but the whole body needs to be kept warm. SARS, colds and flu can lead not only to cough and cold, but also to illnesses of the ears.
  2. Passive smoking can lead to otitis. The accumulation of smokers should be avoided.
  3. It is necessary to monitor the hygiene of the ears, and when an alarming symptom arises, it is urgent to contact an otolaryngologist.

Following these simple and understandable rules, you can protect yourself from a variety of ear diseases and keep your hearing and well-being.

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