Why do ear lobes ache from gold or silver earrings, what to do

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Ear rings on the ears always looked very attractive. Many girls pierce their ears already in adolescence. Now it is fashionable to pierce the ears of young children. Some consider this decision to be correct, while others advise to wait with piercing the ears until the right age.

Piercing: Pros and Cons

Ear piercing can be quite dangerous if you do not properly attend to the procedure, do not prepare for it yourself, and do not prepare the child.

There are many active points on the auricle. As for the lobe, it is considered the safest method for puncturing. There is no cartilage on it, accordingly, the wound on it heals very quickly.

If accidentally touched any operating point, deterioration will not occur. So say neurologists. The point that is touched when piercing simply can not influence the organ to which it corresponds.

Some claim that if you hit a point where there is a connection with the eyes, your eyesight may deteriorate. But there are cases when, after piercing the lobule in such a place, the vision is slightly improved. Experts advise to consult with a specialist( physician-reflexotherapist).

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Adults pierce ears not only on the lobe, but also on the auricle. Several beautiful, unique earrings look very attractive. But this is already a conscious decision, which takes an adult person, a teenager.

Ear aches from earrings

After a puncture, pain in the area of ​​the lobes may appear. The causes of the manifestation of pain are divided conditionally into internal, external. Among the internal factors that can cause pain in the puncture site, we point out:

  • hormonal reorganization( pregnancy, significantly losing weight, childbirth, menopause);
  • diseases of internal organs( adrenals, ovaries, thyroid gland);
  • is an allergy. In this case, the ear swells up and turns red.

From external factors, soreness in the ear puncture site can provoke such:

  1. An important point is touched.
  2. Change of earrings.
  3. Sensitive skin.
  4. Rare wearing earrings.

Inflammation and pain

In the first days after puncturing, the ear is inflamed. This is considered a normal reaction to a puncture, the introduction of a foreign body into the wound. The reaction of the body is manifested in redness, swelling. The lobe becomes hot. All these symptoms usually take place within a few days, provided that the ear is properly handled.

To treat wound, experts recommend using such medicines:

  • "Hydrogen Peroxide".
  • Furacilin.
  • "Chlorhexidine".
  • «Medical alcohol».

Every day you need to treat your ear with a cotton swab that is moistened in any of the above. In order for the disinfectant to penetrate the puncture, it is necessary to scroll the earring when processing the wound.

To prevent inflammation develop, do not touch the ears with dirty hands. If the wound is sterile, the infection will not penetrate inside, and therefore the ear will not blush, swell, hurt.

Ear inflammation after puncture

Reaction to metal

After piercing, experts recommend wearing earrings made of gold. If this is not possible, in the salon immediately put on an earring made of medical alloy. This alloy is hypoallergenic.

Allergic reactions often occur in girls who wear earrings from ordinary metals, alloys, so when you get new earrings, ask the staff. In some, even gold, silver can cause allergies, but such cases are very rare.

Very often such symptoms as inflammation, redness, pain, indicate the development of allergies. It is important to eliminate the allergen, new earrings must be removed. They should not be worn before determining the exact cause of the pain. If the earrings are not removed, but worn, the ear after a puncture can fester.

How to wear earrings from simple metals, so as not to hurt your ears, see in our video:

Heavy earrings

Ear inflammation can also trigger the wearing of heavy jewelry. Initially( after piercing the lobe), experts recommend wearing light earrings. Most often it's carnations.

If you dress very heavy jewelry, they can increase pain, strengthen the effect of the developing inflammatory process, significantly slow down the healing process. The most dangerous consequence of wearing heavy earrings is the tearing of the lobe.

Adipose tissue can not withstand the weight of the jewelry and burst. After such a case, it is necessary to sew a break.

Microtraumas, tears

If you pierce the earlobe too close to the surface, such an unpleasant manifestation as tearing of the lobule can occur.

It can sweat when wearing too heavy ornaments, or when there are a lot of jewelry. In this case, to cope with a violation of the integrity of the earlobe will help only the operation.

How to cover a torn earlobe:

Dangerous symptoms, which are worth paying attention to

Sometimes from the wound appear abundant purulent discharge, bleeding. The ear is swollen. If such symptoms are manifested, it is not recommended to delay. You should immediately contact a specialist. Do self-medication is not recommended.

When suppuration of the wound from the puncture, it is necessary to look after it more carefully:

  1. Treat the wound with a cotton swab with antibacterial agent( tincture of calendula, medical alcohol).
  2. Treated with propolis tincture, to relieve inflammation. This procedure can be performed twice a day.
  3. You can anoint the inflamed area with antibacterial ointments: Hydrocortisone, Tetracycline.
  4. Use "Levomekol" three times a day.

When infected, the following symptoms may appear:

  • throbbing pain;
  • edema;
  • hyperemia;
  • temperature rise in the puncture area;
  • purulent discharge.

Treatment should be performed by an otolaryngologist. If there is severe bleeding, you may need to apply a dressing to the wound. Usually such a symptom is observed in the violation of the function of coagulability of the blood.

In some cases, infection can trigger facial paralysis( Bell's paralysis).The person has such signs( numbness, facial asymmetry, heaviness in the face, pain behind the ear, malfunctions in the processes of salivation, lacrimation

How to care for piercings, see in our video:

Prognosis and prevention

If you perform the procedure for ear lobe puncture correctly,hygiene, there will be no complications. Of course, the wound will cause some discomfort for some time, but it will pass very quickly, the main thing is to listen to the recommendations of the specialists

It is very important to prepare the child,m prepare for proper care of the wound and possible complications. Home medicine chest needs to be checked for the presence of antiseptics, antibacterial ointments.

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