Mummy with pancreatitis and pancreas treatment

Mummy with pancreatitis Mummy as a natural biostimulator for more than 3000 years is used by the people of the East to treat and promote health. By its nature there is a primary and secondary. Primary is a yellow-gray dust, often found in rock cracks. Upon contact with water, dust is easily and simply hydrolyzed and washed away with water into natural mountain cavities. Secondary - occurs more often, but it is usually contaminated by insect remains, pupae, plant remains, chitinous elements, bone fragments. The study of samples from the mountain Altai showed the average age of the composition in the range of 550 - 1540 years, but biostimulants of up to 15,000 years are also found.

Mumie in pancreatitis revitalizes the metabolic process in the affected pancreas, normalizes the production of pancreatic juice, as well as digestive enzymes, while making up for secretory deficiency. In addition to direct influence on the pancreas, the mummy contributes to the functioning of the intestine: improving its motor function, tone, sup

presses putrefactive, fermenting and inflammatory processes, normalizes the microflora. Such a positive effect on the entire digestive and pancreatic system, in the treatment of pancreatitis with a biostimulator, is caused by valine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycerin, organic acids, magnesium, flavonoids, threonine, arginine, methionine, phospholipids, histidine, lysine, zinc, vitamin E,carotenoids, chlorophyll.

Treatment of the pancreas with a mummy in medical practice was used back in the 10th century, as Avicenna wrote in the "Canon of Medical Science".In addition, the beneficial effect of the biostimulator occurs with liver, stomach, gallbladder, intestinal, biliary tract and digestive system disorders.

It is believed that the treatment of pancreatitis is best suited for the Central Asian mummy, which has a favorable effect on the nervous system of the gland and is characterized by anticoagulant action. Pancreatic in pancreatitis is inflamed and tends to wrinkle, tighten and fibrosis, and this biostimulator is able to absorb fibroses and seals by repairing damaged tissues and cells. Treatment of pancreatic mummies for 20 days to 0.2 g( extract) twice a day: before breakfast and at bedtime. It is possible for 1 spoon( tea), if used together with aloe juice in a proportion of 1:30.After the completion of the course, a short break for 7 days is necessary.

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