Delicious recipes for patients with pancreatitis - a menu of proper nutrition, cooking in a multivariate

It is very important to comply with the regime( nutrition at the same time), take into account the individual characteristics of the sick organism( food tolerability), diversify food, take into account the peculiarities of the menu products, handle them correctly and take into account co-existing diseases. Recipes for pancreatitis from dieticians and gastroenterologists culinary variety do not differ. Therefore, from patients who do not want complications and violations of the work of other organs suffering from monotony, it is required to prepare different dishes, to include new products.

The patient has to get used to the regimen, because, you need to eat every four hours, not eating full. Without a variety of recipes for patients with pancreatitis, the ration will get bored after a month. Culinary techniques allow you to make meals in the menu delicious without violating the principles of treatment. The following substances should not be allowed into the body:

  • Coarse fiber - easily detected visually in radish, cabbage, pear, radish, the diseased organism can not cope with such food.
  • fatty foods - a lot of enzymes are needed for cleavage, which is painful for the bodies of
  • .in the stomach during fermentation, the formation of gases that press on the pancreas

Take into account the recipes for proper nutrition in pancreatitis and foods in which there are substances similar to enzymes produced by the diseased organ. Delicious avocado juice on the menu helps to process food, as well as some drugs that are prescribed to the sick. Cooking is very important, therefore, fried and stewed food is prohibited. Delicious recipes for pancreatitis include the following:

  • Rice soup - grits are cooked until ready, passed through a sieve, boiled meat is crushed, combined with rice and part of the broth, two tablespoons of milk are added, salt
  • Broccoli soup - onions, broccoli and bay leavescooked until ready, the sheet is cleaned, the vegetables are ground in a blender, a little tarragon is added, kefir and salt is added.
  • . Souffle meat or chicken - roll the boiled poultry meat or veal, mix with protein, cook in steamed form.
  • Celery soupI, carrots - celery root and three carrots cut into small cubes, added in water with a spoon of butter and added to a 1 liter pot of water, then pour out three spoons of manga, cook for seven minutes, adding a spoonful of oil, then pour a glass of curdled milk, fall asleepsliced ​​half of the egg

All culinary recipes from the menu should take into account the portability of individual products. Experiments with the patient's diet can produce, being in a stable remission. Sweets at this point are also acceptable in the menu, one of the sweet delicious culinary recipes for pancreatic is a protein dessert with strawberries:

  • in the foam from the egg white add vanillin and sugar powder
  • then the mixture is spread out with a spoon in boiling water.
  • balls decorate the kissel cooked fromcrushed berries boiled in a glass of water with dissolved starch, stirring without stopping and poured over glasses

Varied food is useful for a sick pancreas and other organs. Without meat, you can cook a lot of original dishes, culinary recipes for pancreatitis there are very interesting:

  • Vermicelli delicious casserole - from equal parts( thirty grams) of cottage cheese, milk and vermicelli, with added sugar and a quarter of egg, cottage cheese is wiped into boiled vermicelli, egg whipped intomilk, everything is laid out in a greased frying pan and baked

Each patient has his own menu, including safe food, which allows you to feel comfortable without exacerbating the disease. This is boiled tongue, milk and fruit juices, salads from allowed boiled vegetables.

Recipes for cooking with pancreatitis

A diet that is prescribed for inflammation of the pancreas implies strict dietary restrictions. However, the patient can diversify his menu with simple dishes that are not contraindicated to him. For example, soup from courgettes. To prepare a diet for pancreatitis, this recipe requires the following:

  1. Peel and finely chop the medium bulb, zucchini;
  2. Fold in a pan chopped onion, zucchini, add a small amount of water and put the stew;
  3. In the saucepan, preheat 2 tbsp.l.flour, pour broth from vegetables. Cook for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly;
  4. Add the vegetables( zucchini and onions) to the dish, let it brew for 10 minutes;
  5. Add greens and chopped boiled egg yolks.

Another recipe for the dish, not contraindicated in pancreatitis - meat with vegetables. For its preparation you need beef, parsley, carrots and butter. First, boil a piece of meat until half cooked. Carrots clean, and cut into strips. Grind the greens. Meat peep with carrots and parsley, and then bake in the oven. You can add butter to the dish.

Recipes for pancreatitis in the multivariate

In the multivariate you can prepare a variety of dietary dishes, including steamed. For example, an omelette. For him, you can use chicken or quail eggs( squirrels).To begin with, pour 0.5 liters into the bowl.water. Whip the egg whites with milk. The resulting mixture should be poured into a silicone mold( note that during cooking the omelet will rise).In the multivark set the bowl for cooking and put on it silicone molds. To make an omelette use the steam mode, the time is 15 minutes. In the ready dish you can add chopped greens.

Another dietary recipe for proper nutrition in pancreatitis, which can be done in a multivark is a mashed potatoes. The following ingredients will be needed: potatoes, milk, butter, salt. We peel potatoes, cut them into quarters and put them in the thicket of the appliance. Fill it with water( about 1 cm above the level of potatoes).The program is "for a couple", the time is 40 minutes. At this time, heat the milk, but do not bring to a boil. In the milk we add butter. Ready potatoes are combined with milk and the usual way for you to make mashed potatoes( sieve, blender, tolkushka).

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