Faults in intimate places in women, men: treatment, symptoms, diagnosis

Intermittence is an inflammatory process that occurs not only in newborns, infants, but also in men and women. Such inflammation usually occurs in areas of the dermis that have long been subjected to friction against the tissue, against each other, by exposure to moisture.

Features of the ailment

Most common diaper rash occurs in children. But there are cases when the lesion of the dermis occurs in adults. Most of the time, this illness worries in the summer, when it is very hot. It develops those people who do not observe the rules of personal hygiene, suffer from excessive sweating, are prone to fatness, walk a lot.

Fatigue accompanied by redness and peeling is examined by this video:

Classification of diaper rashes in men and women's groin

Specialists have created a classification of diaper rash that are different from the cause and require a different approach to therapy. Consider these kinds of intertrigo.


Wetting intertrigo - this lesion is considered t

he most common. It is accompanied by wetting formations on the skin of natural folds. This kind of diaper rash is more often recorded in children. Such damage results from exposure to excessive moisture over a long period of time. Moisture, friction contributes to the reduction of the protective layer of the dermis, opening the way for the pathogenic microorganism to the skin.

In this lesion, an inflammatory process occurs, which is manifested by the formation of cracks on the dermis, ulceration. From the wounds with time, fluid begins to separate, and the sores themselves cause pain, an intolerable itch. From the moccasin, stains on clothes may appear. These stains have an unpleasant smell.

With diabetes

Diabetes mellitus affects the entire human body. This disease not only affects the blood state, but also affects the organs of vision, negatively affects the condition of the kidneys, affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Diabetes mellitus also has a negative effect on the derma.

In type 2 diabetes, the dermis becomes rough, flaky, with a significant decrease in turgor. With diabetes, increased sweating, a violation of thermoregulation is observed very often. This is especially evident in places of natural skin folds.


Damage to the dermis develops due to infection with streptococcus. These pathogenic microorganisms multiply intensively with:

  • excessive perspiration;
  • enhanced activity of sebaceous glands;
  • excess mass;
  • the presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • for non-compliance with personal hygiene regulations.

This kind of diaper rash usually occurs on the dermis of the folds between the thigh and scrotum( in men).The surface of the lesion is wet, with erosions on it. In the folds of the dermis sometimes there are painful cracks, from which blood can be released.


They occur when ingested dermis of Candida, Pityrosporum fungi. This kind of intertrigo is manifested by red spots, white ulcers.


It is also called superficial candidiasis. There is diaper rash with penetration of fungi of the genus Candida, the presence of neoplasms in the body, after mechanical trauma, with defects in metabolic processes.

Defeat is more often fixed between the fingers, in large folds. In children, diaper rash occurs between the buttocks, and in adults - in the groin. The disease manifests itself in vesicles, which gradually develop into erosion.


Faults are most often localized in such areas:

  • between the buttocks;
  • under the breasts( in women);
  • between the fingers;
  • on the scrotum, testicles, penis( in men);
  • in the inguinal-femoral folds;
  • in the armpits;
  • on the penis, scrotum, testicles( in men);
  • folds of the neck, abdomen( diaper in this area occurs with excess weight).

Reasons for

Usually diaper rash occurs under the influence of certain factors on the dermis. Let's consider the main of them in more detail.

  1. One of the main factors that cause skin damage is increased sweating. Increased sweating can be a consequence of local, general overheating of the skin. More often the sweating rises in the absence of airflow, ventilation for a long period of time. Intensive sweating is also noted in the presence of fever, certain diseases. Sweat, other excretions of seriously ill people contain many metabolic products, which are provocateurs of severe irritation of the dermis.
  2. The next important factor is the aggressive effect on the dermis of urine. Defeat of the dermis is observed mainly with incontinence. Such an irritating effect is observed with excretions accompanying hemorrhoids, discharge from the fistula.
  3. Random sexual intercourse( in women);
  4. Wear tight clothing. For this reason often there is an intertrigo of a scrotum, testicles, a sexual member at men. The genital area is not properly ventilated due to tight clothing, maceration, wetting occurs;
  5. The next place is the individual characteristics of the body. The likelihood of developing an inflammatory process on the dermis is significantly increased when a person has a tendency to increased sweating. Also, diaper rash often occurs when the sebaceous gland of the dermis is broken. This disorder is more often recorded in people with obesity.
  6. Next, we will point out friction about clothing as an irritant to the dermis factor. Most often, skin damage develops when wearing clothing made from synthetic, rough materials.
  7. The next position is the effect on the skin of excess moisture. Irritation often appears on the sensitive dermis. Fatigue, provoked by excess moisture, is usually observed in children. With increased humidity, a decrease in the amount of protective lubricant on the dermis is noted. Reducing the amount of lubricant significantly reduces the protective function of the dermis. For all harmful microorganisms, access to the dermis becomes free.

There are a lot of reasons provoking the occurrence of diaper rash. In this case, do not forget that such an inflammatory process is developing very rapidly. Sometimes it takes only a few hours for the lesion to sweep through large areas of skin.

Symptoms of

Usually diaper rash is manifested as erythema( redness that occurs symmetrically on both sides of the skin fold).The affected dermis is characterized by high humidity. In the absence of adequate therapy in the folds, surface cracks appear. The presence of such cracks greatly facilitates the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the dermis. When diaper rash is very neglected, the patient develops bleeding ulcers. Over the sores appears plaque, which has a black, brown color. This plaque has an unpleasant smell of rottenness.

In addition to redness, cracks, erosion, ulcers, with diaper rash, there are such symptoms:

  • pain;
  • burning sensation;
  • appearance of abscesses( they appear on the edges of the wetting area).

Such intertrigo specialists are classified as infectious. It gets the character of a chronic illness that can last for several years.


To diagnose diaper rash in adults, you should consult a dermatovenereologist. He conducts research on the dermis, nails. After the examination, the doctor will establish the correct diagnosis.

Treatment of

In the early stages of the development of diaper rash, treatment is possible without the use of medications. So in the treatment of diaper rash in women consists in washing with boiled water, drying after water treatment.

Drugs can be prescribed to suppress fungal action, dry the area of ​​the lesion, remove inflammation, eliminate ulcers, ulcers, prevent the spread of intertrigo.

Feces and redness in the groin in men - the subject of the video below:

Therapeutic way of

In the treatment of diaper rash,

  • air bath;
  • solution of furacilin, manganese;
  • hygiene products;
  • boiled water;
  • potato starch.


In the treatment of diaper rash, accompanied by cracks, ulcers use:

  • Lokakorten vioform.
  • Ointment with zinc.
  • Clotrimazole.
  • Teymurova paste.
  • Desithin. Most commonly used are such ointments:

    • Drapolen.
    • Bepanten.
    • Panthenol.
    • Levomekol( with healing of wetness).

    At home

    Of folk remedies recommended:

    • decoction of the oak bark;
    • St. John's Wort;
    • vegetable oils( olive, sunflower);
    • chamomile broth;
    • powder.

    Prevention of

    The prevention of diaper rash in adults is the following:

    • wearing comfortable underwear made from natural fabrics;
    • wearing free clothes( shorts, trousers) in the hot season;
    • observance of personal hygiene;
    • tracking for optimal weight.

    Complications of

    A common complication of diaper rash is infection of affected dermis with fungi, bacteria, viruses.


    Obstruction is usually treated relatively easily, but this is only when the disease is not started. With timely access to the hospital, a specialist will prescribe an effective, adequate treatment.

    If the disease is started, the dermis has ulcers, eczema, the treatment will last much longer, with the use of certain medications. Without treatment, chronic inflammation occurs.

    How to get rid of diaper rifts between the legs, the video below will tell:

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