Relapse of stomach cancer

Gastric cancer has been the most widespread oncological disease in the world for many decades, with relapses after cure occurring quite often.

Recurrence of symptoms of the disease is considered a recurrence of the symptoms of the disease some time after the treatment and healing of the patient. Repeated occurrence of the disease is considered more dangerous than the original disease.

The recurrence of stomach cancer( RJ) occurs due to the fact that the causes of the disease have not been completely eliminated during treatment, so the pathology arises again and progresses, as a rule, even more.

Features of recurrence of stomach cancer

In 60% of cases of relapse it is noted in patients who underwent an operation during which the stomach was connected to the small intestine. Subsequently, just at the junction site, a second tumor appears. This problem often entails another complication - gastric obstruction, or stenosis. This happens due to the fact that the stomach after surgery is small.

Local relapses are most often observed, which are located near the site of localization of the former tumor. They, as a rule, are fixed already during the first half of the year after surgical treatment. However, there are cases of repeated manifestation of the disease after a year or more after successful treatment in the areas of the body far from the previous tumor.

Relapse prevention of

Cancer recurrence occurs mainly when the tumor was completely removed surgically, but the patient was not subjected to chemotherapy or radiotherapy after surgery. Post operative therapy-support of tumor removal is extremely necessary in order to completely suppress the remaining cancer cells inside the human body, which lymph and blood spread throughout the body.

In the ongoing clinical trials, chemotherapy was used before and after surgery. This method is called intraoperative chemotherapy. Using this method, it became possible to prevent the recurrence of the disease, as well as to increase the survival of patients.

Sometimes, to prevent the return of the disease, the doctor decides to completely remove the remainder of the stomach.

Recurrence of cancer can occur during the first few months after treatment, and even for several years after it. In order to exclude the risk of its development, the patient is prescribed tests that show the presence or absence of the disease, and it is also recommended to visit the doctor at least once a year.

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