How and how can you quickly stop diarrhea( diarrhea, severe indigestion, loose stools) at home in an adult?

When harmful bacteria, viruses or poisonous substances enter the body, it seeks to get rid of their effects, including such a mechanism as diarrhea. It causes stress, allergy to food and medicine, some diseases, there are other reasons. In general, given that diarrhea is a kind of protection of the body, stopping it will not always be desirable. However, in some cases the question of how to quickly stop severe diarrhea and in particular becomes a vital issue. For adults, the need to take measures to stop diarrhea is determined in the following cases:

  1. The frequency of acts of defecation exceeds more than ten times a day.
  2. Diarrhea lasts for more than three days.
  3. Fecal masses are very dark in color or contain blood.
  4. Diarrhea passes into a chronic stage and lasts for several weeks.

How to stop diarrhea at home?

The most simple and affordable means to stop diarrhea at home is gastric lavage. For this purpose, several glasses of warm boiled water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate are consumed. Causing vomiting, clean the stomach of harmful substances. Washing is recommended to be completed with an enema with a little salted pure water or a pinkish solution of potassium permanganate. Stop diarrhea at home will help by draining one tablespoon of castor oil. After a very strong act of defecation, the diarrhea stops.

The way to stop diarrhea at home is suitable for everyone, is a remedy like rice decoction. The main condition for its effectiveness is proper preparation. The broth is cooked for 50 minutes on low heat( 0.5 liters of boiling water and 2 tablespoons rice), and then filter. Cooked rice is eaten after a day of starvation.

Another popular folk remedy, which can stop diarrhea at home, is black pepper peas. Its normalizing effect is due to the fact that when pepper enters the intestine, hydrochloric acid is released, which promotes the formation of enzymes. For an adult it's enough to take 10 peas for the night, half for a teenager. For young children, this method of securing a loose stool is not recommended. And of course, in the arsenal of folk remedies, than to stop diarrhea, there is a wide choice of teas, broths, tinctures based on natural products. For children choosing how to stop a loose stool, the best remedy is a jelly from dried blueberries.

However, it should be noted that folk medicine is a good assistant in choosing how to stop indigestion at home in case of food poisoning or chronic diarrhea, and in some situational disorders. If the cause is intoxication of the body by viruses or bacteria, inflammation of the mucous membrane, some diseases, then medication is required. Referring to a doctor is necessary in case of bloody discharge, high body temperature and pain.

How to stop severe diarrhea?

During the day, the number of acts of defecation becomes very large, and the discharge is watery and abundant, then there is a danger of dehydration. In turn, the loss of body fluids in large volumes can trigger the development of health disorders, up to the development of coma. Therefore, the main task is to restore the lost fluid. Given that with severe diarrhea, too, microelements necessary for the normal functioning of the body are lost, ordinary boiled water is not suitable.

It is recommended to take drinks that interfere with the loss of fluid in the body, normalize the level of sugar in the blood and replenish electrolytes. To prepare such glucose-salt drinks use medicines. But you can cook them yourself. To do this, in a liter of water dilute 2 tsp.baking soda, 4 tbsp.sugar and one teaspoon of salt and potassium chloride. Instead of chloride, you can use a decoction of dried apricots or freshly squeezed orange juice. Then, prescribe drugs that affect the decrease in gastric motility.

The choice of funds that stop diarrhea in an adult at home depends on the causes that caused diarrhea. For example, one of the most famous medicines, Imodium( Lopeiumum), based on the active substance loperamide, which effectively stops diarrhea, can not be used for intestinal infections. Delaying the secretion of stool, loperamide also detains toxins in the intestine, which continue to poison the body.

For the normalization of accelerated motor skills, which is the main symptom of severe diarrhea, Smecta is a universal remedy. Being a natural natural remedy, the raw material for which is the shell of Sardinia, Smecta perfectly binds toxins, removing them from the body. The drug eliminates the symptoms of functional diarrhea, prevents the impact of enterovirus. Covering the mucous tissues of the stomach and duodenum, Smecta creates a protective layer on their surface. Very fast fixes the liquid stool with infectious nature is a powerful antiseptic of the broad spectrum of action of Intetriks. Stop diarrhea quickly, except for drugs, can bananas with yogurt.

How to stop diarrhea in an adult?

In adults, the choice of means than stopping stomach upset is much broader than that of children, and includes tinctures on vodka, or a mixture of vodka and salt. In food poisoning, a simple and effective means is activated charcoal, with its high absorbing properties. Decoction of dry pomegranate crusts, in which the protective white film is previously removed, also acts very quickly to fix the stool. In the pomegranate skin contains 30% of tannins, as well as polyphenols, capable of suppressing even the dysentery rod. The choice of drugs and drugs to solve the problem of how to stop diarrhea should be based on knowledge of the nature of the onset of the syndrome and the severity of its course.

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