How to improve hearing in the home: gymnastics, massage, folk remedies

Rumor is a very precious quality, although in ordinary life people pay little attention to it. Only those who have personally faced such a problem as hearing loss will be able to truly appreciate all its importance.

Hearing problems can occur in different age categories, not only in the elderly. Sometimes hearing loss occurs even in children for various reasons. It is very important to detect this problem in a timely manner, to undergo qualitative diagnosis, and effective treatment.

How to improve hearing at home

To improve hearing in medicine, there are now many effective methods( drops, tablets, physiotherapy procedures, the use of hearing aids, the operation).

In addition to such methods of hearing restoration, people also try to solve the problem with hearing at home. This is certainly quite real, but, most importantly, do not cause your body even more harm.

Even intending to improve the hearing at home, you should initially establish the reason for its decline. Consider the main ways by which you can return the hearing without leaving home:

  1. One of these methods is the use of propolis. You can buy it in ready-made form or cook it yourself. When the preparation is made independently, the naturalness of the bee product is an especially important point. It will take 50 gr. Propolis three on a grater, we fill a gruel from a product of beekeeping with alcohol. After insisting for 2 weeks in the product you need to add vegetable oil( it should be 4 times more than tinctures).The cotton wool soaked with this remedy is injected into the ear, held for 9 hours. After the expiration of this time, the ball of cotton wool is replaced with a new ball. Therapeutic course lasts a fortnight.
  2. Another way that is popular with people is the combination of camphor oil with garlic. Grain the garlic clove, mix the gruel with camphor oil( 3 drops).We put this mass on gauze, wrap it, put it inside the ear. It is necessary to withstand this compress until the moment when there is an almost palpable burning sensation. The therapeutic course lasts until the condition improves. The procedure is performed before bedtime.
  3. Use of oil from home-made milk. This oil is instilled by pipetting inside the ear for 30 days.
  4. A very effective but unpleasant way is to use the juice of a bulb. It is buried inside the ear. The therapy lasts about a month. Then after a break( about 2 months), the course of therapy is continued.

Folk methods

Among the folk remedies, the propolis tincture, garlic with camphor oil, mentioned above, is the most effective. In addition to these tools you can also use:

  • the juice of the viburnum. It is initially squeezed out of the berries of viburnum, mixed with honey( 1: 1).The agent is dipped with a cotton flagellum containing a string inside. Such a flagellum with a medicine is inserted for the night inside the ear, in the morning it is removed using a string. To improve the hearing, 10 procedures are sufficient, and for complete recovery - 20;
  • almond oil. It is used in the case when the hearing loss is provoked by a sulfur plug. Inside the ear, it is necessary to instill 7 drops of the agent( warm);
  • seeds of anise. They are initially ground into powder, placed inside the bottle( 1 tablespoon), rosehip oil( gram 100-120) is added, placed in the cold, the mass should be shaken after 2-3 days. Use oil for instillation inside the ear, the procedure is performed before bedtime.
  • aloe + honey. This drug is boring to eat, oddly enough, and not bury in the ear;
  • lemon. One should eat a quarter of this exotic fruit daily for those who have hearing problems, an infection in the hearing system;
  • root of the ayr. It is used in the case when hearing loss is provoked by sore throat, cold, flu. From the root use its juice, which is squeezed. Squeezed juice is mixed with medical alcohol( diluted to 20%).This medicine is drunk for 1 tsp.before eating, drop 2 drops into the ear. Therapy lasts for 3 months;
  • Grape vinegar( 2 parts) + water( 1 part).The resulting liquid must be heated. Steam from this mixture will help to remove noise, ear pain;
  • beet juice. Squeezed juice from this vegetable dripping at night and three times a day. Due to this remedy puffiness is removed, the permeability of the nerve impulse improves. Beetroot has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • tincture of a golden mustache.1/3 of the bottle is filled with crumbled knees plants, all pour vodka, let us brew for 21 days. Take a medicine three times a day, initially a tea, then a dessert, and at the end a tablespoon.

Music for improving hearing:

Physical exercises

To restore lost hearing, you can also use the exercises that Chinese gymnastics Qigong offers. They can improve the hearing, restore it. Let's write down the basic charging exercises, which experts recommend performing 15-20 times daily:

  • Exercise # 1.Initially, insert a finger inside the ear so that it closes the ear canal as close as possible. Then sharply pull out the finger. This motion causes the eardrum to vibrate. This improves blood circulation in this area.
  • Exercise # 2.Initially, we press our ears with hands, then we quickly remove our hands.
  • Exercise # 3.We perform massaging movements of the ears in the morning. They must be sent clockwise, circular motions. When doing this exercise, the ears should be pressed firmly against the head.

Gymnastics for improving hearing in our video:

You can perform massage, aimed at hearing restoration. Here are the basic movements:

  1. You have to take hold of the earlobe, pull it down.
  2. Place the thumbs behind the ear, all the other fingers in front. With this arrangement of fingers, massage the ears until they are hot.
  3. Pull your ear back, to the side.
  4. Pull the earlobe forward.
  5. Taking an ear by the auricle( its center) we pull the ear up and down.
  6. We perform rotating movements of the auricle( clockwise / counterclockwise).

You can also restore lost hearing by performing respiratory gymnastics. This exercise of yoga( bhastrika pranayama) should be performed in a clean, ventilated room with the appropriate mood. Initially, we exhale through the nose. At this point, the stomach is strongly retracted. Taking a breath, rounding the stomach, it becomes round, like a ball.

Consider a mudra that helps increase hearing:

Mudra sky. If you engage in a long period, you can almost completely cure many diseases of the ears. You need to bend the middle finger in such a way that it touches the base of the thumb. The thumb presses the middle finger. The rest of the fingers are straight, not tense.

Mudra Hebe for improving hearing

Healing music and other alternative techniques

In modern medicine, alternative methods of hearing restoration are developing. These include:

  • physiotherapy methods( electropuncture, acupuncture, Darsonval currents, Tibetan acupuncture, pulsed low-frequency magnetic field);
  • acoustic method using music. Usually acoustic stimulation is associated with an acoustic effect, which is directed at the fibers of the auditory nerve.


A diet designed to improve hearing is known as the hypocholesteric diet. Experts have identified a number of products that can restore hearing. They also noted a whole list of products, the use of which must be limited.

A person with low hearing is recommended to consume such foods:

  • dried fruits;
  • kidney, liver;
  • dairy products;
  • meat( lean);
  • citrus fruits;
  • fish;
  • products made from wholemeal;
  • leafy vegetables.

This diet helps reduce cholesterol in the body.

It is necessary to remove such products from the diet:

  • salt;
  • caffeine;
  • animal fats;
  • alcohol.

Exercise for Norbekov's hearing restoration:


Treatment of such a pathology as hearing loss is considered a very painstaking work. The use of folk remedies, gymnastics requires a lot of time, patience. In rare cases, complete cure for hearing loss is exclusively folk remedies.

To quickly restore the hearing, it is recommended to combine medical therapy with physiotherapy procedures, folk therapy, the use of therapeutic gymnastics and other methods of treatment.

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