Treatment of noise in the ears folk remedies: reviews of recipes

Noise in the ears, which in medicine is called tinnitus, is considered a very common condition. It occurs in about 20% of people aged 50-65 years. The causes of this symptom may be different.

To select effective treatment, it is very important to establish provoking factors. But sometimes only symptomatic therapy is carried out. In such a situation, home remedies can give excellent results.

Etiology of the

Symptoms Noise in the ears may appear as buzzing, roaring or ringing sounds in the absence of an external source. This condition is not an independent violation, but a symptom of a problem. In most cases, people get used to this symptom, but sometimes it provokes psychological problems.

The causes of noise are quite diverse and include organic and psychological disorders. So, the main factors include the following:

  • sulfur plug;
  • hit the ears of a foreign object;
  • inflammation and tumor lesions of nasal sinuses or ears;
  • traumatic injuries to the ears and head;
  • is a natural change in the hearing aid - usually observed after 60 years;
  • tumor processes in the region of the head or neck;
  • increase in pressure;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • of thyroid disease;
  • side effects of medicines;
  • Ménière's disease;
  • metabolic pathologies;
  • of temporomandibular joint disease;
  • the constant influence of loud sounds on the body;
  • anemia;
  • heart disease and blood vessels.

Popular products in folk medicine

Treatment with folk remedies

Traditional methods of treatment can not replace traditional therapy. They can be used as a supplement to the basic means and only after consulting a doctor.


Drops made from vegetables will help with noise:

  1. Beet. To prepare the preparation, cooked beets should be grinded with a grater to get the juice. Bury your ears in the morning and evening. Single dose - 3 drops.
  2. Onion. To prepare the product, you need to bake the onion, after which it should be kneaded to get juice. Twice a day to enter into the ear canal for 3 drops.
  3. Potatoes. Raw root crop should be grinded with a grater, add a small amount of honey. After this, you can form tampons in which to put the potato mass. To put the received means in ears before a dream and to leave for the whole night.
  4. Bay Leaf.10 g of raw materials should be crushed and add 50 ml of unrefined oil. A week later the drops can be used. The agent must be buried in the ears before bed. Single dose - 3 drops.
  5. Yarrow. The juice of this plant will help to cope with the noise. To do this, just enter in the morning and in the evening for 2 drops of funds.
  6. Black poplar. Of the young leaves of this plant you need to squeeze the juice. Each evening, inject 2 ea drops into the ears.


To cope with the unpleasant sensations, you can use the following types of compresses:

  1. Olimith. The spoon of this product should be mixed with 200 ml of water. Dampen the tissue in the resulting solution and apply to the forehead for 40 minutes. The procedure is carried out once a day. After 5 days, the noise should recede.
  2. Alcohol. Every evening before going to bed you need to moisten the cloth in alcohol and apply it to the affected ear. After completion of the procedure, you need to insert a sheet of geranium rolled into the tube into the auditory aperture.
  3. Camphor and garlic. To make a preparation, grind a clove of garlic and mix with 3 drops of camphor oil. Take a small piece of gauze, wrap it in the resulting mixture and put it in your ear. After burning, compress should be removed.
  4. Kalina. A few fresh berries need to be kneaded and put a drop of honey. Wrap the composition with gauze, put it in your ears and leave it till morning. Use this tool for a couple of weeks.
  5. Kalin leaves. They should be finely chopped and mixed with sour cream until a mushy consistency is obtained. Apply the product to the calf, fixing waterproof material. This compress should be left overnight. In the morning it can be removed and washed the treated areas. It is recommended to do this procedure for 2 weeks.


To cope with the noise and greatly improve the overall health, you can make special rubbing, borrowed from the eastern practices. Every day, it is recommended to perform 20 such movements:

  1. Press the palms firmly against the ears and rotate clockwise. Then the hands should be abruptly removed.
  2. Rinse the fossa, which is 2 cm from the lobe in the area of ​​the beginning of the cheekbone.
  3. Insert your fingers tightly into the ear canals, then pull them out sharply.
  4. With your thumb and forefinger, carefully knead the edge of the auricle, advancing from the top to the lobe. This movement takes a minute. Then it is done in the opposite direction.

Several prescriptions for the treatment of tinnitus in folk remedies in our video:

Prevention of tinnitus

To prevent the occurrence of tinnitus, special attention should be paid to preventive measures:

  • to ensure proper hygiene of the ears;
  • avoid listening to loud music;
  • not to be near sources of loud sounds;
  • Avoid exposure to noise over time.

Noise in the ears is a fairly common problem, which significantly reduces the quality of life. To cope with it, you need to turn in time to the otolaryngologist. As an addition to the basic methods of therapy, you can use effective folk remedies.

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