Rinse throat with soda, salt, iodine with angina: proportions, recipes

Various pathologies of the throat are very common. They can be the result of viral, fungal or bacterial infections. It is very important to immediately consult a therapist. The specialist will choose the right therapy scheme depending on the symptoms. In addition to traditional methods, rinsing with a solution of soda is often used.

Rinse throat with soda

The main component of therapeutic solutions that can be used for rinsing is baking soda. This substance is sodium bicarbonate, which belongs to the category of alkalis.

This product is characterized by antiseptic, absorbent and bactericidal characteristics. In addition, the product has disinfectant and disinfecting properties.

Soda rinse helps to achieve the following results:

  • cope with laryngeal edema;
  • to reduce pain;
  • achieve healing effect;
  • clean the oral cavity of pus and mucus;
  • cope with the persecution;
  • remove virus-friendly and bacteria-friendly environment;
  • clear throat from purulent plugs.

In which diseases such procedures are useful

Thanks to the rinsing with soda it is possible to clean the mucous membranes, heal small lesions and stop inflammation at the initial stage. This substance is indicated for such anomalies:

  • angina;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis.

In the photo a set of simple means for rinsing the throat

What you need to know

To achieve a good effect, you need to observe a number of rules when rinsing:

  1. The remedy should be warm.
  2. All ingredients must be dissolved in water without sediment.
  3. Do not use a coolant because there is a risk of deterioration.
  4. It is very important to observe the proportions.
  5. Ingredients should be diluted in a glass - this will help to keep all proportions.
  6. During the procedure, experts advise to pronounce the sound "s".This will ensure a deep penetration of the solution, for which it will have a good effect.
  7. For 20 minutes after the procedure it is forbidden to drink and eat. This will lead to the washing out of the treatment solution, which will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.
  8. For rinses it is necessary to use only a fresh solution. Do not store the product.

It is important to ensure that the substance does not get inside. Ingredients solution may pose a danger to the gastric mucosa.

To get a good result, you need to rinse often - for example, every hour. The duration of each session should be 5 minutes.

When making a solution for children, the volume of soda is reduced by half. When treating a pregnant woman, it is important to be careful. This is especially true in the first months, because the procedure can induce a vomitive reflex.


To make a base solution, mix 1 small spoonful of soda and 250 ml of water. Prepared by the composition is recommended to gargle 5 times daily.

You can also choose the following recipes:

  1. 250 ml of warm water mix with 1 small spoon of soda and the same amount of salt. In addition, it is recommended to add 3 drops of iodine. All components must be mixed thoroughly to dissolve. Apply 3-4 times a day.
  2. Lightly beat egg white. Put 1 small spoonful of soda and salt in a glass of water. Then put the same whipped protein. Gargle for 3-4 times.

Simple soda recipe for throat rinsing with throat diseases:


This solution is prohibited in peptic ulcer. Also it should not be used for people with heart disease.

If a person has pharyngitis, which is characterized by dryness and strong cough, rinsing with soda may not give good results. Sometimes it is possible to deteriorate due to drying the tissues and coughing up. In such a situation it is better to use infusions of medicinal plants or chlorophyllipt.

At the same time, numerous reviews confirm the high effectiveness of this procedure.

Which rinsing is useful, says Dr. Komarovsky:

Diagnostic value of

Baking soda is a cleansing and disinfectant that suppresses the activity of infectious agents. This substance is particularly effective against fungal microorganisms from the genus Candida. Therefore, the effectiveness of the use of this substance allows you to suspect it is a fungal infection.

Rinse throat with soda solution - a useful procedure that allows you to cope with ailment of a viral, fungal or bacterial origin. To achieve a good result, it is very important to perform this manipulation correctly and to strictly observe the dosage.

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