Milgamma and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, reviews, through how much you can drink

Milgamma is a complex preparation that is a "mixture" of several B vitamins. Milgamma, depending on the dosage form, can include other active components that provide a very wide spectrum of action. The medicine is prescribed for quite serious diseases, it is also effective in restoring the body after prolonged abuse of alcohol. Is it possible to combine a vitamin complex with liquor?

What is "Milgamma"?

Milgamma is a vitamin reducing drug that includes several vitamins B. It is thiamin( B1), pyridoxine( B6) and cyanocobalamin( B12).The drug in the form of a solution contains a "portion" of lidocaine, a known and very effective anesthetic.

Thanks to this powerful composition, Milgamma has a complex effect on the body: relieves pain, improves the nervous system, removes inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system and restores tissues.

Pyridoxine plays a crucial role in protein metabolism, participates in the processing of fats. And also affects the production of tryptophan - an amino acid, which provides a complete synthesis of serotonin and the melatonin "sleep hormone".

Cyanocobalamin directly participates in intracellular metabolism, affects the synthesis of nucleic acids, vitamin B4( choline) and other vital compounds.

List of indications for taking Milgramam( and in the form of injections, and orally) is wide enough:

  • neuralgia:
  • polyneuropathy( including alcoholic);
  • neuropathy( including alcoholic);
  • ganglionitis( inflammation of the nerve nodes);
  • muscle cramps at night;
  • neurologic symptoms of spinal osteochondrosis;
  • paresis of the facial nerve;
  • is less common - herpes zoster and herpes, etc.

Milgram is also prescribed for systemic neurological diseases - if it is determined that there is a serious deficit of vitamins B6 and B1.
Video review of the drug Milgamma:

Interaction with alcohol

Although the composition of Milgammy is quite harmless - known and vitally important vitamins, - use the drug very carefully.

Both injections and tablets have a number of established side effects:

  • various allergic manifestations( itching, rashes, swelling);
  • dizziness and fainting;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • increased sweating, the appearance of acne;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • convulsions.

Usually a "pobochka" from Milgamma is observed after the injection( if the injection was made unexpectedly for medical reasons) and with an unjustified excess of the dose.


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But no matter what Milgram's variant the observing doctor advised, it is very important to exclude alcohol during vitamin treatment. Their compatibility is questionable. If Milgamma is used to treat the effects of alcoholism, drinking alcohol is simply meaningless - even one serving can reverse the entire restoring effect of the drug.

With other diagnoses, alcohol can neutralize the therapeutic effect of B1 and B6, in the worst case - increase the side effects.

  1. Tablets. Against the background of the treatment of Milgramma tablets, a portion of any alcohol, regardless of volume and strength, can cause unpredictable effects. Alcohol neutralizes the action of vitamins, and also causes nervous disorders. This is increased excitability or, conversely, drowsiness and apathy.
  2. Injection. If you drink during the course of injections of vitamin Milgamma, all the same symptoms are provided as with the treatment with tablets. But another danger is added, because the solution also contains lidocaine. In this case, the reaction to alcohol from the side of the central nervous system increases many times and can lead to the most unfortunate consequences. Probable severe headaches, a state of unexplained anxiety. With a high dose of alcohol consumed, complications can occur from the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Possible consequences of

The most important consequence that awaits the patient when mixing alcohol and Milgamma is that the drug simply does not work.

But if you overdo it with alcohol or take higher doses of the medicine, you may have dangerous consequences:

  • allergic reactions( from a slight itch to swelling);
  • dizziness, headache, or spasms;
  • muscle pain and cramps;
  • drowsiness, a sense of "weakness", anxiety;
  • loss of orientation in space and even hallucinations.

Rules for combining

The reviews of all practitioners are categorical - drinking alcohol during Milgammoy's treatment is strictly prohibited, they are not compatible. Especially dangerous is alcohol practice, if vitamins are needed to restore the body after intoxication with ethyl alcohol.

In this case, you can not drink alcohol until all the traces of ethanol decay have been removed from the body. And this process can last up to several days. But if it is a question of purposeful treatment of alcoholism, then there should not be any options - alcohol from life should be excluded.

A slightly different situation if Milgamma is used to treat neurological diseases caused by other causes. And also in complex deprivation therapy or herpes. Here, too, you need to refrain from alcohol at the time of treatment, but the next day after the last pill or injection you can drink alcohol.


Is it possible to combine the vitamin preparation Milgramm and alcohol - the question in medicine is quite controversial. Most instructions to the drug do not indicate alcohol as a contraindication and does not warn of the danger of such a combination. Some patients claim that they took a little bit in parallel with the treatment with Milgamma, and there were no consequences.

But doctors warn: yes, combining vitamins and alcohol does not necessarily cause dangerous side effects, but each organism has an individual reaction to alcohol.

After how much after the drug can you skip a glass of another? In order not to risk, you just need to abandon fun-filled feasts and friendly gatherings for the period of treatment, which often does not take longer than 2-3 weeks. And the next day after the final dose of the Milgrammy course, you can calmly drink a little.

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