Taking analgin from a headache

1 Useful information

Analgin is a drug that is produced not only in the form of well-known tablets. It can also be found in the form of a solution for injections, in capsules and suppositories( for children).

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The name of the drug can tell a lot about itself interesting. It is clear to any person that Analgin contains analgesics - analgesics. Therefore very often people take Analginum with headache, toothache, muscle pain, even with overwork and stress. Often, even a doctor can appoint Analgin to a patient who has received a head injury, since this medicine is very helpful in inflammatory processes.

However, before you abuse such a medical product, you should find out why there was a headache. There are many reasons. Pain in the head can be a signal of serious pathological processes occurring in the body.

However, not everyone rushes to see a doctor for help, but they try to stifle the pain with any medication, including analgin, to at least somehow ease their suffering. And this can not be done at all. Such actions can only cause irreparable harm to their health.

Another reason why people so often take analgin from the head is its general availability and inexpensive price. But it should be taken into account that analgin in addition to analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions can have very adverse effects on the body and lead to malfunctioning of some of its systems.

2 Analgin preparation

The action of analgin is first of all aimed at lowering the level of the hormone content of the prostaglandin in the body, which, in fact, can cause inflammation or raise the body temperature. This, in turn, is an indirect cause of pain in the head. Nevertheless, these hormones also perform useful functions in the body. For example, they are able to bring blood pressure back to normal, and for the female body they play an important role, namely during menstruation or birth, these hormones are in charge of contraction of the uterus. Therefore, it is still necessary to consult a doctor before taking this medication. Especially prudent is with regular and unceasing pain.

Analgin is a medical product that fights well with inflammatory processes. This remedy helps at a temperature and copes well with pains, and the main active ingredient in this preparation is metamizole sodium. Therefore, a person who often takes analgin from a headache should also be aware of certain rules for taking the described drug. In fact very often and at any pains, let even not head, the person runs to a drugstore for analgin. However, this tool requires compliance with some important rules in its use.

In addition to headache, analgin relieves the condition with toothache, neuralgia, with complications after surgery or headaches with ARVI or flu. The tablet does not start immediately, but 20 minutes after use.

It is very important to know that these tablets are not taken on an empty stomach, that is, they should be consumed only after meals and no more than 2 or 3 times a day. If it is necessary to remove the pain sensations that have arisen once, then only one pill per day is taken.

It is essential to check the condition of the liver and blood in case this medication has been taken for more than 7 days in a row.


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A rapid effect should be expected from intramuscular or intravenous injections.

As an antipyretic analgin can be taken only for 3 days, if there was no consultation with a doctor, and as an anesthetic - only 5 days.

With the use of analgin, the color of the urine may change, since a metabolite is thus displayed.

If the headache is very unbearable, then in this case, the analgin is usually taken with such a drug as Amidopirin. Their interaction leads to a more lasting effect. Often, this combination of drugs is taken with migraines.

In order for the effect to increase, it is possible to combine analgin with caffeine, codeine and other similar drugs. However, it is not recommended to take this combination on your own. This question should be resolved only by a qualified doctor.

3 Rules for receiving and warning for children

There are often situations when children suffer from a headache. However, the children's body is not quite on good terms with strong analgesics, and the side effects to which these medicines can lead are very negative. Analgesics can provoke a child:

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  • central nervous system depression;
  • impaired normal kidney function;
  • some pathological processes in the liver.

Therefore, parents should strictly adhere to remember that children should take analgin only on the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor and under his strict control.

If the child is not yet 3 months old, it is generally contraindicated analgin. Children over two years of age, the daily dose of analgin should be 100 mg, children 4 years - 150 mg. At the age of six, 200 mg is supposed, but from the age of eight and up to 14 years, you can give analgin in an amount not more than 300 mg.

To very many parents it is interesting, but is there any effect from suppositories. Of course there is, and this effect is swift enough. However, it is worth considering that the candle can be used when the baby is already a year old and not before. In parallel, you can give your child some vitamin and mineral complexes.

Of course, if the child is sick - this is very serious, so you need to approach the issue very responsibly, so in any case, you need a visit to the doctor. He will advise, and recommend, and appoint.

4 Contraindications

Although analgin, according to many people, is almost a magic anesthetic and helps a lot, you should still know that there are serious contraindications to this medication. Analginum should not be taken:

  • with any allergic reaction to components contained in analgin;
  • for all diseases of the blood;
  • for kidney or liver disease;
  • during pregnancy or lactation;
  • for abdominal pain that is acute;
  • with stomatitis or any pain in the throat.

When using analgin, the following side effects may occur:

  • skin rash;
  • asthma attacks;
  • nephritis;
  • possible manifestation of anemia;
  • anaphylactic shock.

If analgin has been taken for more than a week, such unpleasant symptoms as severe nausea, vomiting, and lowering of blood pressure may occur. Also, the body temperature may drop, and convulsions may occur. One of the most terrible consequences of uncontrolled use of tablets are renal or hepatic insufficiency.

If all the same these symptoms have appeared, it is necessary to urgently cause a vomiting, to wash out a stomach, and also to accept the activated coal. The taking of tablets should be stopped urgently.

Almost all medications are made on the basis of various chemical substances added there, so random and unreasonable reception of them is a huge risk.

If headaches are often troublesome, do not ignore such a situation, and should immediately consult a doctor, since a headache can indicate a serious malfunction in the body.

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