How to remove constipation, how best to quickly remove it at home?

Knowing how best to remove constipation at home, many can help themselves to get rid of this delicate problem. There are many ways to regain health, using folk remedies that lie literally at hand. Constipation is capable of complex therapy. Let's talk about this in more detail.

When the intestine is practically inactive, it is difficult to live a full life. Misery brings severe discomfort, which not everyone can accept. Therefore, the question of how to remove constipation at home quickly and effectively continues to be relevant. There is no panacea, the absence of feces is a symptom, not a disease. It can occur for various reasons. With its appearance from the mouth begins to smell bad, the stomach rumbles, the head turns and often splits from the pain. Sometimes, with a stiff chair, nausea comes, stools gradually in the intestine begin to rot, the processes of fermentation lead to the formation of a strong flatulence. That's why someone who has ever faced such symptoms dreams of finding out how to get rid of constipation quickly at home without seeking help from specialists.

How fast is constipation removed?

It is not difficult to remove a single constipation, it is enough to drink a laxative. But with repeated appearance of fecal blockages laxatives can not be used. They are addictive, which only exacerbates the problem. In order to remove the constipation once and for all, you will have to change your lifestyle and start:

  1. Properly eat.
  2. Move a lot.
  3. Cooking laxatives from herbs.

Knowing how best to remove constipation, you can try to prevent the development of the worst dangerous scenario. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of the appearance of fecal blockages, you can remove the syndrome by changing taste habits. Instead of white bread, there is a coarse black. Instead of fried potatoes and stewed meat - boiled chicken breasts, cutlet steamed, low-fat boiled fish. Instead of salty, smoked and spicy - raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Less refined oil, sugar, more dried fruits, honey. At the forefront - sour-milk products. In the morning on an empty stomach - a glass of warm boiled water, at night - kefir. It will take a long time to restore peristalsis. For this it is necessary to eat small portions, often, every two to three hours. In the intervals to drink a lot of water. For a day the volume of the liquid drunk should make 2,5-3 liters. Observing a similar diet, it is not difficult very quickly to relieve constipation at home.

How to relieve constipation with exercise?

It is important to eliminate one more common reason for the formation of the "lazy" gut syndrome - hypodynamia. A sedentary lifestyle exacerbates the situation and causes many adults to constantly be interested in how to clean constipation at home. To maintain the intestine in working condition helps special gymnastics. If you can not go to the gym or go for a run to the forest park, you just need to get up in the morning and perform the following exercises in pastels:

  • Lying on your back, you need to wrap your arms around one knee and pull it to your chest. Then repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • It is useful to perform the same exercise with two legs at once.
  • Then you need to get back on your feet and raise your high hips to begin to march, as in childhood.
  • After walking deep squats. They also help to remove constipation.
  • After sit-ups you need to stand on all fours and inflate your belly with a ball, then exhale and draw it in strongly, fixing the retracted position.

Daily exercise, it is not difficult to quickly remove the effects of severe illness.

How to remove constipation with folk remedies?

Laxatives, prepared from phytochemicals, are not addictive, so it is better to clean the constipation with the following proven folk remedies.

To remove a stony blockage, it is necessary to prepare a rowan syrup. Berries are scattered with sugar, folded into a glass jar and wait a month. During this time, a syrup is formed in the container. It must be diluted with vodka( 50 grams per half liter of syrup), and drink in the morning on an empty stomach, every day, with a glass of warm boiled water.

Another recipe too can help quickly relieve constipation at home. To make it, you need to take a handful of flaxseed, pour it into a liter jar and pour boiling water just removed from the fire. When the seed is infused, it must be poured into a saucepan and placed on a water bath. With this method it is important to warm the liquid well, not letting it boil. Infusion is taken at night for half a glass every day. Wanting to remove constipation, you can drink ryabin syrup in the morning, and in the evening - a decoction of flax seeds.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to remove the described syndrome, it is important to gather strength and strictly follow the recommendations given above.

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