Rumbling, constipation, turbulence in the abdomen and bloating

Symptoms of constipation, a delicate problem that can arise in any person, are very diverse. They depend on the duration of the pathology, the degree of violations of the evacuation function of various parts of the intestine and the etiology of the disease. Often the dysfunction of the digestive tract is accompanied by unpleasant sounds of varying levels of loudness, rumbling, and bubbling, a sensation of transfusion appears in the abdomen. Few people can address this delicate problem to the doctor. Many are embarrassed by such symptoms and try to eliminate them on their own. This behavior can be dangerous, because not always rumbling in the abdomen and constipation appear due to physiological or reflex features. Sometimes they can cause serious violations in the digestive organs, for the elimination of which requires appropriate medication. It can be prescribed only after conducting diagnostic studies aimed at identifying the cause that caused these negative symptoms.

Pain in the abdomen, arising from constipation, bloating and rumbling can be localized in different parts of the digestive tract. It depends on what problem caused them. Most often experts note the following etiology:

  • Problems with duodenum or stomach. In this case, an additional factor is added to constipation and rumbling: a feeling of constant sucking in the pit of the stomach;
  • If, in case of stools, unpleasant sensations are localized in the lower abdominal cavity on the right, this may indicate a pathology in the sigmoid colon;
  • Constant rumbling, constipation and bloating due to increased gas formation, accompanied by painful sensations, indicate that the patient develops IBS.

Independently to find out the reason provoking occurrence of these infringements in digestive organs, it does not follow. Only a specialist will be able to identify it with the greatest accuracy and, in accordance with it, select an appropriate treatment that will permanently rid the patient of negative signs and significantly improve the quality of his life.

What should I do if my belly and constipation rumbles?

To determine the appropriate method of therapy, you need to find the true cause that caused the development of pathology. If during the performed diagnostics there are no serious deviations from the gastrointestinal tract or other organs, the matter may be in the wrong diet. In this case, the most logical is to get rid of the patient with constipation, which rumbles and boils in the abdomen, a review of the daily diet. First of all, you should give up heavy food, which almost always provokes the appearance of this negative symptomatology. To eat with such violations in the digestive organs, like constipation and rumbling, only those foods follow, after eating which do not cause unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines. Also it is necessary to expand the daily diet due to fresh vegetables and fruits.

If the gastroenterologist discovered abnormal changes in the digestive tract, causing rumbling and constipation, he will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Here, drugs are needed to normalize peristalsis, soften the stool and correct intestinal microflora. Also in this case, in the diet of the patient, it is necessary to introduce dairy products containing live bifidos and lactobacilli. It is best if yogurts are cooked at home. Purchased the same fermented milk products should have a short shelf life. But the treatment of drugs in the case of constipation with rumbling is required in rare cases, so do not run to the pharmacy at the appearance of these negative signs.

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