Diarrhea from apples and prunes

Among the dietary products that favorably affect the normal operation of the entire gastrointestinal tract, the first places are rightfully occupied by apples and prunes.

Fresh apples have a high content of B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, K, P, PP, a number of fruit acids, tannins, including pectin, nitrogenous substances. In addition, they contain fiber and about thirty different microelement names. The apples are rich in fruit sugars, organic and fatty acids. Apples are recommended for use in diseases:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • disorders of normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, they are included in the diet with diet for weight loss, for the prevention of gout, cholelithiasis.

The use of apple for the prevention and restoration of the normal life of the human body is dictated by its exceptional natural composition. However, in some cases, fruits, having a slight laxative effect, can cause diarrhea. This is due to the fact that they contain a sufficiently large amount of sucrose and fructose, which causes fermentation in the intestine. Eating apples after eating, especially after a plentiful, on the intestine is given an additional load, and the process of splitting fruit sugars is very difficult. As a result, diarrhea appears.

Fiber is an indispensable element in ensuring normal bowel function, but its excessive amount provokes diarrhea, especially with a weak stomach. Diarrhea from apples can occur after ingestion of immature fruit or processed for better preservation of chemicals.

Another reason for the occurrence of diarrhea from apples is the consumption of a lot of fruit of acid varieties. The fact is that natural acids inhibit or even block substances that are responsible for salivary digestion. With insufficient salivation, the starch contained in the food directly enters the stomach, provoking flatulence and the appearance of diarrhea.

Diarrhea from prunes

Plums are a very tasty and healthy product and there are a lot of different varieties. The positive effect of plum on the human body is as follows:

  • enhanced immunity;
  • normalization of blood sugar;
  • cleansing of the intestine, acting as a laxative;
  • prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases;
  • improving the health of the liver, kidneys, ureters.

In addition, regular consumption of plums speeds up metabolism, lowers cholesterol and completely cleanses the body. Dried plums or prunes have all these qualities in the most pronounced degree. The best for drying are the plum varieties "Hungarian" and "Italian".This is a very high-calorie product and it is not recommended to include in your diet for people who are overweight. It is used to improve the secretion of gastric juice and increase appetite. Unique taste qualities in combination with bactericidal properties, the ability to preserve moisture in the prepared products, provides its wide application in cooking recipes for the preparation of different dishes.

The purifying properties of prunes are directly related to the content of a large number of ballast substances. The effect of laxative prunes gives a high fiber content. Getting into the intestines, rough fibers of the fruit swell and simultaneously with liquid feces remove harmful substances from the body. Diarrhea from prunes arises from the content in it of a large amount of sucrose, fructose, which, with a large amount of consumption, causes diarrhea. Laxative effect is not only dried plum, but also compotes, juices from it. The main thing is to not cause diarrhea, you should observe the measure in the use of any products with a weakening effect.

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