Seafood with stomach ulcer: fish, shrimp, red caviar

Fish - a source of high-grade proteins, fat-soluble vitamins, fatty unsaturated acids, amino acids, minerals. In sea varieties contain rare trace elements such as zinc, fluorine, iodine and copper.

There is a little connective tissue in fish, so it is faster prepared, has a gentle consistency and is quickly digested.

Fresh fish with stomach ulcer is used in the menu at all stages of the disease. For dietary nutrition is recommended:

  • fish of lean varieties: flounder, pollock, burbot, crucian carp, cod, pike perch, pike, hake;
  • moderately fatty varieties: carp, pink salmon, sprat, keta, herring, bream, horse mackerel, low-fat herring;

In the period of exacerbation, the fish with stomach ulcer is included in the daily menu in the form of a souffle or cutlets cooked on a pair of fillets without skin. In the remission phase, chopped fillets may be replaced with a whole piece of boiled or steam fish.

Dried, dried, salted slave, balyk - products that require long and intensive digestion are prohibited in case of stomach disease.

Is it possible to shrimp with a stomach ulcer?

Mussels, crabs, squid, shrimps with a minimum fat content contain a high-grade protein and trace elements, the number of which is several times higher than meat products.

Seafood in gastric ulcer is allowed to be included in the diet provided:

  • If the disease that occurs in a chronic form is in remission( shrimps in the acute phase of the disease are prohibited).
  • If the meat of crustaceans causes an allergy, the shrimp caught in the stomach will instantly provoke irritation of the mucosa, creating favorable conditions for the recurrence of the disease.
  • How to recognize an allergy? Take the shrimp in your mouth, squeeze it without swallowing the meat. If after a few minutes the upper sky, lips, larynx are combed - there is an allergic reaction.
  • Shrimp with an ulcer should be cooked. Fried seafood, seasoned with lemon juice and spices, will irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach walls, contributing to excessive secretion.

Red caviar for gastric ulcer

A product with a huge nutritional value. Caviar of salmon fish is rich in high-value proteins, easily digestible fats, vitamins, minerals.

What kind of red caviar is the most useful for an ulcer? It does not matter what sturgeon fish eggs will be used for the patient's food. The main thing that the product was fresh, not salty.

Packing a delicacy in cans, the manufacturer adds a preservative salt so that an expensive product is stored longer. Benefits for health will bring only a fresh natural product. Artificial and salted canned caviar is contraindicated.

Being a hard indigestible food, red caviar for gastric ulcer is classified as restrictedly restricted. The rate of consumption of fish delicacy for gastroenterological pathology should be less than the permissible norm for a healthy person, which is 150 grams( 5 tablespoons) per week.

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