For a long time, diarrhea, the causes of loose stools in an adult, what to do with diarrhea?

When there is a long diarrhea( chronic diarrhea), this symptom can indicate the presence of some kind of chronic disease, which leads to a malfunction in the whole body. Why else can there be a prolonged liquid stool? What are the symptoms of prolonged diarrhea? What dangerous complications can trigger such a malaise? What to do? All this in the article.

It is possible to establish the causes of long diarrhea only after a comprehensive diagnostic examination. And all because to provoke a prolonged diarrhea can different diseases. The most common causes are:

  1. Irritable bowel syndrome. When this disease occurs, the patient is worried for a long time not only by diarrhea, but also by paroxysmal pains in the epigastric zone, alternating diarrhea and constipation.
  2. Infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Suffer from them people who often travel the world, one who happens in countries with an unhappy environmental situation. In the risk group, everyone who does not observe basic hygiene rules, drinks unboiled water, has unwashed fruit or food contaminated with pathogens.
  3. A long liquid stool can be when the patient suffers from food allergy, has an individual intolerance to any food product. Most often, long-term diarrhea in an adult occurs because of gluten intolerance, which is found in cereal crops, or lactose, the central component of all dairy products. In this case, for a long time( for a month, for example), the liquid stool may be disturbed, the described malaise occurs even after a single use of a food provocateur.
  4. Often diarrhea for a long time in an adult occurs as a result of the use of any synthetic substance - medicine, food color or artificial flavor, if so, the withdrawal of the drug leads to an improvement in the condition.

Knowing about the factors that provoke prolonged diarrhea, it is easy to understand what to do. Treatment can be prescribed only after a thorough diagnostic examination. Doctors pay attention to the fact that the patient is tortured for a long time by a liquid stool simply because he does not want to share his problems with a qualified doctor. It is easier for him to put up with growing discomfort, with a feeling of partial inferiority, with a noticeable deterioration in his health, therefore, only units turn in time for help. The rest are at risk, few, who knows that prolonged diarrhea can lead to the development of a very dangerous complication - dehydration of the body.

Treatment of long diarrhea

Even chronic forms of diarrhea in an adult can be treated. It is important at the initial stage to find out why a person has a liquid stool for a long time, and then decide what to do. Treatment, as a rule, begins with a correction of nutrition, then the patient is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to use drugs that can eliminate pathology and reduce the amount of feces.
  2. It is important to exclude from the daily diet food that can strengthen intestinal motility, cause and maintain a long liquid stool.
  3. Together with the attending physician to review the regimen of taking some medications aimed at treating another chronic illness.
  4. If food intolerance is present, it is useful to completely eliminate them from the diet, and never try to consume them.

Knowing what factors provoked prolonged diarrhea, you can start treatment in time, you can try to prevent the appearance of water-salt imbalance.

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