How to relieve suffering in stomach cancer?

Most patients with oncological diseases, in particular stomach cancer, experience painful sensations of varying intensity. Sources of pain can be not only directly the tumor, but also the associated inflammatory processes, various pathologies( arthritis, neuralgia), wounds after surgery. Patients often have a question: "How to relieve stomach cancer?"

The main methods of alleviating suffering in stomach cancer are the use of painkillers. Since the mechanisms of the occurrence of pain can have a different nature, then the drugs used have different mechanisms of action. To relieve pain in patients with stomach cancer, the so-called "three-stage anesthesia system" is used. With this technique, the transition to the next stage occurs after the drugs used are no longer effective at the maximum dosages.

In the early stages of the disease, when the intensity of pain is low, opioid-less painkillers are used: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), antidepressants, steroids. These drugs, depending on the pharmaceutical group, relieve inflammation and swelling, affect the nerve endings.

To ease stomach cancer with moderate pain, medications containing a small dose of opiates and non-narcotic analgesics are used. With the correct application of this type of medication, the calculated dosage and periodicity of taking into account the physiological abilities of the patient, it is possible to achieve effective pain reduction, and there is no getting used to it.

In the case of severe pain, patients are prescribed analgesic medications that contain a large number of opiates in addition to analgesics that do not contain opiates to alleviate stomach cancer.

At all stages of analgesic therapy, the dose of drugs is selected taking into account the intensity and type of pain. When the proposed drug becomes ineffective, a replacement is made for a similar remedy.

In addition to the medicamental effects, psychological support will help alleviate the suffering of a patient with stomach cancer. This is especially true of the patient's family. Distracting a patient from thoughts of a deadly illness removes the stress caused by fear, thereby facilitating his suffering.

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