How to quickly cause diarrhea at home, how to make diarrhea, what to eat, so that there is an upset stomach, pills and drugs that cause loose stools

There are times when it is necessary to decide how to cause diarrhea in the home. In some situations, this is done in order to improve the body, in others in order to get rid of constipation or a large amount of waste in the intestine and liver. Sometimes it is necessary to make diarrhea for weight loss, to get rid of the processes of fermentation and putrefaction, which become the causes of severe flatulence.

All the mentioned factors form the problems of the tract: the villi lining the intestinal walls begin to clog, so the food is poorly absorbed, the body lacks the necessary trace elements, so they react immediately to this by pathological manifestations. Because of this, the question of what to eat, continues to be relevant. To correct a situation tablets causing diarrhea, various national methods, the products provoking upset stomach can. What exactly should I use to make diarrhea? The most effective methods will be described in the article.

How to make diarrhea?

The procedure for rapid removal of stool from the gastrointestinal tract is simple, if you know how to make diarrhea, how to cause diarrhea, you can try to effectively clean the intestines at home. For the indicated purposes, you can use

  • Laxatives.
  • Some products.
  • Special folk remedies( herbs).

Tablets that cause diarrhea

The easiest way to make diarrhea at home is with a laxative. But such a medicine can be used only when there are no internal intestinal bleeding, ulcers, it is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, so it is important to consult a doctor before taking laxatives.

In modern pharmacology there are four types of tablets that cause diarrhea:

  • Laxative, which has a softening effect( suppositories with glycerin, vaseline oil).
  • Probiotics( lactobacilli and bifidobacteria).
  • It is not difficult to cause diarrhea at home using drugs that stimulate intestinal motility( Stadalax, Bisacodyl).
  • Modern medicines of osmotic action( Forlax, Prelax).

Designated drugs can very quickly cause diarrhea, but take them at home should be extremely cautious, strictly observing the attached instructions. Some of them have a fairly wide list of contraindications, so all those who decided to cause diarrhea, but are afraid of possible side effects, doctors recommend paying attention to some products that can provoke the emergence of a loose stool.

How to properly induce stomach upset?

Some food products act like enemas. However, they do not have any negative effect on the body. Those who do not know what to eat, to have diarrhea and how to quickly cause diarrhea, you can recommend including the following foods in the diet:

  • Green and yellow fruits in their raw form give a strong laxative effect. And all because they contain a large amount of coarse fiber, it, like a brush, cleanses the intestines well. In addition to fiber in the described group of foods there are vitamins and antioxidants, so fruits can easily make diarrhea at home.
  • Natural natural loosening is a prune. It also contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, potassium, iron and vitamin A, but in addition there are substances that create a favorable environment for the multiplication of bacteria, through which a useful microflora of the intestine is formed. In search of an answer to the question of what to eat, what diarrhea can do, it is necessary to pay attention to this fruit.
  • Any citrus fruit also has a relaxing effect. They are good at cleaning the intestines, effectively remove toxins and stimulate the formation of enzymes.
  • If you need to cause severe diarrhea at home, you can take foods that contain many omega-3 acids. This is avocado, flaxseed, olive oil. They gently envelop the walls of the intestine, absorb harmful substances, gently removing them from the body.

List of products that can quickly cause liquid stool, in fact, very much. All raw vegetables, common tomatoes, ginger, turmeric and red pepper, natural apple cider vinegar, cucumber brine and onions, yogurt, kefir and milk can all help clear the path, cause a slight upset stomach and lose weight. Often diarrhea occurs after consuming cottage cheese or pomegranate, kiwi or strong brewed coffee. In each of us, the stomach and intestines respond differently to one or another ingredient. To many, half of what is listed is contraindicated, it is important to find your tool and use it whenever problems arise. Knowing what to eat in order to clean the stomach, you can easily solve many problems.

Folk remedies that cause diarrhea

Telling how to quickly cause diarrhea for weight loss, doctors pay attention to the use of cleansing enemas. These are the most effective folk remedies that can be used, wishing to quickly solve the indicated problem. Enema can be made from:

  1. natural apple cider vinegar;
  2. herbal infusions and herbs;
  3. of ordinary boiled water;
  4. vegetable oil, diluted with boiled water.

When choosing an enema in order to make diarrhea, it is necessary to remember that it is often impossible to use it. The enema causes the intestines to "forget" their immediate motor-evacuation functions, so it quickly stops emptying themselves. Use all this can only once, two in six months. More frequent application leads to the fact that the beneficial intestinal microflora is washed away, as a result of this, complex health problems may arise, and indigestion is the most harmless of them. With prolonged use of enemas, uncontrolled diarrhea occurs. Eliminating it can be quite difficult, so it is better to learn about what to eat in order to solve the identified problems with the help of products.

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