Thick diarrhea

With such a concept, as diarrhea comes across every person from an early age. Diarrhea can be frequent, rare, dense or watery. It all depends on what caused the digestive process.

Many young mothers are frightened when they see their child have a loose stool. Do not be frightened and upset. First of all, you should look at the consistency of stool. If there is diarrhea, but without any impurities and unpleasant odor, then there is no reason for panic.

You should pay attention to the contents of the stool, if there are any impurities in it and a rotten smell appeared, you need to go to the hospital. At the child is more senior 3 years, as well as at the adult, the daily weight of a chair exceeds 200 grams. Sometimes thick diarrhea can be accompanied by strong gas formation.

A great danger is caused by a stool with frequency more than 6 times a day. If diarrhea does not stop within 3 weeks, it can be considered chronic.

Reasons for the appearance of thick diarrhea

In an adult, as well as a child, a digestive disorder can occur after excessive fiber intake. In childhood, dense diarrhea may appear after a change of mixture or during the appearance of teeth.

You should carefully examine yourself or your child for an allergic reaction. Some food products can cause irritation of the intestines, in connection with which, and the digestion process is disrupted.

The main causes of thick diarrhea:

  • Acute intestinal infection. These include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. During infection, in addition to changing the consistency of the stool, the patient experiences pain in the abdomen;
  • Drug use. Diarrhea occurs with the use of laxatives, antibiotics, antacids. You need to know the exact dosage that the doctor prescribes;
  • Irritations. Food irritating the cells of the intestine. After stopping the use of these products, the loose stools pass.

What to do with thick diarrhea?

The most dangerous liquid stool in childhood, as it leads to dehydration. We must try to avoid this in every possible way. Therefore, after each bowel movement, one cup of liquid should be drunk. Best if it is mineral water.

Children are prescribed the following drugs:

  • Regidron;
  • Hydrovit;
  • A solution of salt and sugar. For 1.0 liter of boiled water, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt and 0.5 teaspoons of soda;
  • Smecta;
  • Enterosgel.

To an adult as well as a child, one must not prevent dehydration, since even a thick diarrhea is capable of removing a large volume of fluid. If the diarrhea is not too frequent, treatment can be done at home. You can use traditional medicine and diet.

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