Why is there always diarrhea( loose stool) in an adult?

Diarrhea, a rather unpleasant phenomenon, is familiar to every person. For the most part, it occurs for a short time, breaking its habitual quality of life. But there are cases when there is always diarrhea, for a month or even more. The liquid stool in this case arises from 3 to 5 times a day, giving the patient unpleasant sensations and discomfort. Why does an adult always have a loose stool? The transition of diarrhea to a chronic form can contribute to many conditions and diseases of the patient. Most often, the provoking factor that causes permanent disruption of bowel functioning is the following:

  • Liquid stool always appears in irritable bowel syndrome. Attacks of diarrhea in this case are accompanied by cramping pains during defecation. Very often, watery or mushy stools with this disease appear after a morning constipation;
  • Infectious diseases of the intestine also always provoke the occurrence of persistent diarrhea. People who live in areas with unfavorable ecological and sanitary conditions, as well as fans of trips abroad, especially in countries with a tropical climate, are at risk for these ailments. Why does diarrhea always occur in this category of citizens? Statistics show that infectious agents that provoke the appearance of the syndrome, for the most part fall into our body through contaminated water or poor quality products and exotic dishes of local cuisines prepared without compliance with sanitary norms;
  • Also liquid stools are always caused by an individual person's intolerance to any food, or food allergy. Prolonged diarrhea in this case can develop and last more than a month, even with a single use of the stimulant product;
  • The diarrhea, which has been going on for several months, always develops as a reaction of the body to a certain synthetic substance, flavor, food color or additive, medicine. In this case, to get an answer to the patient's question, why his watery excrement lasts a long time, the allergist doctor will help.

In the case when there is no adequate treatment of a permanent, not passing a few months of diarrhea, the quality of life always worsens in an adult, and at the worst, there are symptoms of dehydration that can cause very serious complications, since with a long, uninterrupted diarrhea, the mass is always washed awayvaluable salts and nutrients. This disrupts the work of all organs and systems. For this reason, the treatment of diarrhea, which lasts more than one month, must be performed only under the supervision of a specialist.

Why is it always necessary to treat with liquid stool?

Therapy of an unceasing long time of diarrhea is always the prerogative of a doctor. Only he can establish the root cause that caused this ailment and choose the appropriate treatment for its elimination. But, regardless of what triggered this pathology, there are general rules that allow you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms in a relatively short time:

Drinking is always very important in the treatment of prolonged diarrhea. The amount of liquid used should be increased, as it quickly leaves the human body together with a watery stool. It is best to use pharmacy solutions such as a rehydron or herbal medicinal herbs and unsweetened compotes from dried fruits;

Also, always in the treatment of not passing diarrhea, you need to adjust your diet. From it, it is necessary to exclude those foods that act irritatingly on the intestinal mucosa, and also cause accelerated peristalsis. In most cases, compliance with diet is the determining therapeutic factor;

It is also necessary to take sorbents, which connect and remove together with a chair from the intestine an excess liquid with toxic substances. Especially effective are they with IBS, flatulence and infectious diarrhea. But in the case when prolonged diarrhea in a patient provoked by a violation of absorption in the intestine, taking them is not recommended, because with this pathology they always worsen the patient's condition. The most effective sorbents are Smecta and activated carbon;

If the diarrhea is persistent for a long time, the microflora of the digestive organs is always seriously disturbed, therefore, in order to restore it, and at the same time normalize the digestive process, it is necessary to take probiotics.

Only in case of adequate medical treatment together with the use of folk remedies, corrected and strengthened drinking regimen and diet, it is possible to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms caused by this ailment as soon as possible, as well as to prevent the development of serious complications that lead to terrible consequences and even lethaloutcome.

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