Is it possible to potato with diarrhea, garlic for diarrhea?

Every person has at least once in his life experienced such a problem as diarrhea, which always occurs suddenly and for several days disturbs the patient's habitual standard of living with his negative manifestations. Many still remember from childhood how the treatment of pathology used baked or boiled potatoes. With diarrhea it is used because of the increased content of such a useful substance as starch, thanks to which the watery stools are effectively bound. But use it should only be cooked in a uniform, without salt and oil.

In addition to the increased content of starch, potato with diarrhea is also useful because it has a large amount of organic acids, pectic substances, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates in its composition. To ensure that these beneficial substances during the treatment of diarrhea benefit the organs of the digestive tract, from this vegetable you can cook rice and potato soup. The effectiveness of the effect of this dish on the gastrointestinal tract in treating diarrhea is not less than that of boiled or baked potatoes. Only to prepare it follows with the minimum maintenance of salt and absolutely without oil. In this case, it will have an enveloping and astringent effect on the intestine.

You can bake potatoes with diarrhea with garlic, but also without the addition of salt or oil. Although the use of this acute vegetable in a stomach disorder is a controversial issue, still in small quantities it is recommended to use during dysfunction of the intestine by many specialists. The thing is that intestinal dysbacteriosis is a violation of bacterial balance towards pathogenic microflora, therefore, its treatment should be aimed at suppressing pathogens that caused diarrhea. It is perfectly possible to make a clove of garlic, squeezed into a slice of baked potatoes. Only overdo it should not, as it can, instead of therapeutic benefit, cause harm and cause burn mucous.

To treat diarrhea, you can use a folk remedy, such as a medicine for diarrhea from garlic. For its preparation, 10 denticles of this vegetable are crushed in a crust and mixed with a half-liter can of honey. Everything is thoroughly mixed and used 3 times a day in the amount of a tablespoon dissolved in a glass of warm water. However, due to the fact that a prolonged intake of garlic in diarrhea can easily cause irritation of the mucosa, it should be agreed to take this vegetable with a doctor.

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