Treatment of chronic constipation in adults, what to cure, what to do, how to cope, get rid of what is used to fight, if nothing helps?

Very many today suffer from chronic constipation and their treatment allows you to completely get rid of this delicate problem. Coping with an episodic constipation independently is not particularly difficult, you can remove it with a weak laxative. Some drugs, such as Dufolac or Forlax, can be taken without prescribing a doctor. A cleansing enema helps to replace the medication. What if this treatment does not work? It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. If the diagnostic examination reveals chronic constipation, treatment of it will be of a complex nature. What is its essence?

Remember, to treat chronic constipation in adults only with laxatives is by no means possible. Any, even weak drugs with frequent use can form a syndrome of "lazy intestine", enemas produce the same effect, so to understand what to do with chronic constipation and how to treat it can only be after revealing the root cause of the described syndrome.

A number of diseases can act as a provocateur factor, so it is so important to find out what is inhibiting the motility of the large intestine. To understand what to do, how to treat chronic constipation can only an experienced doctor-gastroenterologist or proctologist.

Detection and treatment of a primary provoker is the first step in the treatment of chronic constipation.

How to cope with chronic constipation?

Adult patients are recommended to change their lifestyle. The most effective way to fight chronic constipation is to start moving actively. Anyone who wants to learn how to cope with the described problem and what needs to be done must radically change his way of life, start running, swimming, or simply walking for a long time in some forest-park strip. If there is no such possibility, you just need to do a full exercise in the morning.

Often the causes of chronic constipation in adults are constant fatigue, stress, lack of sleep. All this together provokes a violation of the functions of all internal organs, the work of the intestine, including. What to do in this situation? A person who wants to get rid of chronic constipation, can cope with it independently. The patient should learn to distinguish between the time of work and rest time, adhere to the regime and in time treat any diseases associated with internal organs.

Another component of effective treatment of chronic constipation is a proper diet. Improper nutrition only aggravates the situation, so it must be corrected. The diet is appointed by the gastroenterologist, it has certain general principles:

  1. The diet should be balanced, in the daily menu it is necessary to enter and take foods containing coarse fiber, exclude those dishes that contribute to the consolidation of the stool. It is also useful to have sour-milk products, cereal cereals, cooked from cereals and bran, seasoned with vegetable oil.
  2. Gastroenterologists and nutritionists recommend, during treatment of chronic constipation, eat frequently, in small portions, hunger pauses are contraindicated. Coping with such an item will not be easy, but it is fundamental in restoring the motor-evacuation functions.
  3. Food is served on the table exclusively in a warm form, all fried is prohibited, heat cooked dishes are steamed, grilled, in the oven.
  4. From the daily diet of adults it is important to completely exclude foods that can aggravate the severity of the condition with chronic constipation. Therefore, it is worth completely giving up baking, marinades, smoked delicacies, salty, acidic, spicy dishes.
  5. You can get rid of chronic constipation if you drink a lot of water( at least two liters per day).Dehydration of the body is the main culprit in the appearance of pathology, water treatment is another component of complex therapy. Water in the fight against a deadly rubble is the main ally of therapy.

How to get rid of chronic constipation?

What if the medical diet does not help? It is necessary to connect medication. The doctor will advise or prescribe the use of light laxatives( such as Dufalac), as well as medications that can help remove the attendant symptoms. So, for example, abdominal pains are eliminated by No-shpa, intestinal motility is enhanced by the use of Trimedat.

To get rid of chronic constipation in adult patients in a fast way, you can apply a cleansing enema. It has its advantages and disadvantages. As negative aspects of the medical profession, the discomfort of the procedure, the complexity of its conduct, the inconvenience that arise during the correct setting of the enema, are distinguished. In addition, enemas can not often be used, this leads to the formation of the "lazy intestine" syndrome. What to do in order to avoid such complications?

Modern pharmaceutics proposes today to appoint funds to help avoid the described inconveniences. In the pharmacy today you can find so-called microclysters - ready-made disposable tubes with a slight laxative remedy inside. The effect of this enema comes in 15 minutes, one tube contains only 5 ml of active substance, it does not affect other body systems in any way, therefore it is allowed to use "Mikrolaks" even to pregnant women. The most important plus of the appointment of microclysters is the absence of habituation to them, therefore such means can be safely included in the struggle to restore intestinal functions.

As you can see, coping with the problem is not easy, but the treatment of chronic constipation is possible. What to do for this? You can get rid of the syndrome if you use complex therapy. In most cases( if the cause of the described syndrome is not the disease of internal systems), the disease can be eliminated by diet, active way of life and sport. Each of us should understand that the well-functioning work of the gastrointestinal tract is a pledge of health and high immunity. Knowledge of how to cure a lazy bowel syndrome can prevent the development of dangerous complications. Only losers can prescribe the use of laxatives.

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