Does vitamin D cause constipation in infants, can there be a violation of stool from Multi-Tabs?

Normal functioning of the human body is impossible without vitamin complexes. Independently the human body in the right amount does not produce them, and you can get the right amount only if you consume food. The necessity and importance of the presence of such organic substances in the human body lies in the fact that they serve as a kind of donor for the normal course of all biochemical reactions in the body. Each of the vitamins plays a role in the metabolic processes of processing food and fluid entering the body.

For example, such a substance with index A is very useful for preserving vision, the lack of organic substances of group B will affect the work of the stomach and intestines, and it will be expressed in the form of constipation. Stocks of these substances in the body decrease very quickly, and their absence will lead to the development of anemia, a depressive state, a weakening of muscle activity. The special role of vitamin D is to prevent the development of a very dangerous disease, osteoporosis, in which the bones become brittle. In addition, the lack of useful substances in the body weakens the immune defense, provokes diseases of the cardiovascular system, the thyroid gland.

In case of difficulties with timely evacuation of the intestine, it is recommended to eat foods rich in organic substances. Among the most useful vitamins for constipation can be called Group B. They are found in bran, wholemeal and are produced by separate pharmacy products. An excellent tool in the fight against constipation is vitamin C. However, when taking vitamins can be constipation. Whether vitamins can cause constipation is determined by selective effects.

Do vitamins cause constipation?

When considering whether there can be constipation from vitamins, you first need to find out exactly how these substances are involved in the processes of digestion of food, the formation and isolation of feces from the body. Speaking about organic substances, it should be noted that in their properties they are considered medicinal products. Therefore, both their lack and overabundance can lead to serious problems for human health. It is especially harmful when the consumption of special complexes for the future begins, for the prevention of certain diseases.

Therefore, the answer to the question, whether there can be from vitamins constipation, will be positive if you do not follow certain rules when applying them. Especially it concerns substances from group D. Its overdose or prolonged use without the need leads to:

  • general malaise, a decrease in appetite;
  • persistent delays with stool;
  • shortness of breath, increased pressure and pulse;
  • increase in calcium deposits in the blood vessels, stomach, kidneys, liver and lungs, worsening their work;
  • frequent urination, a constant thirst;
  • demineralization of bones.

Can there be constipation from vitamin D?

An exceptional role in the vital activity of the intracellular calcium cell is explained by participation in the change in the functional state of the central nervous system. Participating in digestive activity, the calcium ion decreases or increases its content in the blood, it affects the motility of the intestine. In principle, no diet can not fully meet the needs of the organism in the system of biologically active substances. It should be taken into account that most of the demand for this substance is covered by sunlight and it is only necessary to take calcium-containing preparations if there is a lack of sun exposure.

Asking which vitamins can cause constipation is unjustified, since they can cause stool retention only if they are misused or in preparations containing trace elements that promote constipation. Given the importance of Group D substances for the normal development of a newborn, continuous monitoring of their content is necessary.

The most preferred source of vitamin D is breast milk. Balance the amount of cholecalciferol in it and avoid constipation from vitamin D by using a specially selected diet. With artificial feeding in mixtures, it is already available in the required quantities. However, the body of a newborn child, like the body of an adult, is very individual and additional intake of vitamin D by infants can cause constipation. Constipation from vitamin D in infants can trigger it in combination with other drugs or if the baby has a congenital anomaly that interferes with the normal functioning of the intestine.

In the recovery period after the infectious diseases and the weakened organism, the infant is prescribed complex preparations. Multi-tabs "Malysh" contains substances of group B( B1, B2, B6, B12), and substances A, E, D3, as well as folic, ascorbic, pantothenic acids, potassium iodide, iron fumarate and many other compoundsminerals. As auxiliary substances in its composition includes gelatin, sucrose, modified starch and other components. Individual intolerance, both of the excipients, and of the active ingredients that make up the product, can cause difficulty in emptying the intestine. If a child has Vitamin Multi-tabs caused constipation, it is necessary to cancel their use.

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