Water-salt solution with diarrhea

The diarrhea that often arises in many people is not only an independent problem, but it poses a great danger, which manifests itself in the fact that the body, along with the diluted excrement, loses a large amount of liquid with the necessary trace elements dissolved in it. This in most cases is fraught with the development of dehydration, which can lead to fatal consequences. To avoid such a development of events it is necessary to help the body to make up for lost reserves, which can be done if you start taking water-salt solution. With diarrhea, its use is recommended from the very beginning to prevent the development of dangerous symptoms.

Modern pharmaceuticals offer more than one version of such drugs, but, according to many patients, the best way to cope with such a remedy is as Regidron. This solution with diarrhea not only replenishes the liquid lost by the body, but also contains all the necessary microelements and vitamins. But before the reception, you should assess the degree of dehydration that has occurred in the body. This requires the patient to weigh and find out how much fluid they have already lost. In the first 10 hours from the beginning of the appearance of diarrhea, it is desirable to drink twice the amount of salt solution that is lost in liquid. But we should not forget that he has contraindications. Specialists do not recommend the use of this drug with increased sensitivity to its components, impaired renal function, diabetes and in the case of intestinal obstruction.

How to prepare a water-salt solution for diarrhea?

In the event that there is no possibility to urgently purchase this remedy, you can prepare its semblance of a house. And the effectiveness of the self-prepared drug will be no worse than that of the purchased one, and all the ingredients necessary for this are available to every person in the kitchen cabinet. In order to obtain a solution with a composition similar to Regidron, used for diarrhea, it is necessary to boil 100 grams of raisins in a liter of water within half an hour. The resulting broth must be filtered and added to it 4 tsp.sugar, 1 tsp.salt, and ½ tsp.soda. The resulting mixture is boiled for an additional 3 minutes, until the components are completely dissolved.

If there is no time to prepare such a solution from diarrhea, or there is no raisin, you can simply make a sugar-salt solution. Just in it instead of 4 spoons of sand you need to put 8, and all other components are taken in the same amount. Finished home remedy is drunk with small sips. Such a replacement will help get rid of possible problems associated with diarrhea, not much worse. If the patient does not show signs of dehydration, but diarrhea is very severe, the solution is taken necessarily, but in the prophylactic dosage:

  • Children under 3 years of age should be given a drink after each act of defecation in the amount of 10 ml / kg;
  • In older children, as well as in adults, the dosage will be 1 glass with each fit of diarrhea.

When dewatering symptoms appear, dosage should be increased. For patients of any age, it should be between 50 and 100 ml per kilogram of body weight. In 10 hours it will be possible to pass the preventive dosage.

Often, patients are interested in the effect of salt solution on diarrhea? By itself, it does not treat diarrhea, but only effectively prevents the development of dehydration. In addition, in the case when the liquid is used in large quantities, toxins are easily excreted from the body, and this gradually removes the poisoning. Simultaneously with taking this remedy, you should start using drugs that help stop diarrhea.

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