Physiotherapy for peptic ulcer( ulcer) of the stomach. Essence and types of procedures

Physiotherapy with gastric ulcer helps to improve nutrition of tissues, normalizes secretory activity, stimulates regeneration, improves blood circulation, and also removes inflammatory processes. But it should be remembered that such procedures are contraindicated for exacerbations and complications of the disease. They are best spent during remission, after the appropriate appointment of a gastroenterologist.

Physiotherapy for gastric ulcer includes the following:

  • Diadynamic currents .They are used to stabilize the tone of the stomach, as well as improve blood circulation and tissue regeneration. Painful syndromes caused by inflammation of the mucosa are effectively eliminated, due to the oppression of the cause of their manifestation.
  • Ultrasound .An effective procedure that has an anti-inflammatory effect, alleviates the pain due to light tissue massage. Also, ultrasound enhances the metabolism in tissues, which contributes to the normalization of their functionality.
  • UHF ( ultrasound high frequency) therapy. The influence of UHF-rays contributes to the extinction of the aggressiveness of gastric juice and reduces its production.
  • Hyperbaric oxygenation .This therapy is used to quickly regenerate the tissues of the mucosa and the walls of the stomach, which contributes to the rapid scarring of ulcerative formations.
  • Thermotherapy .It is applied to the pancreas, right subcostal area and to the waist. With the help of this type of treatment, blood circulation in the walls of the digestive tract improves, pressure in the stomach decreases, and painful manifestations are suppressed. It is carried out by applying various therapeutic substances( silt, peat and sapropelic mud, paraffin, ozocerite) to the specified areas.
  • Coniferous baths .Have a calming effect, tone up the nervous system of the body. To treat gastric ulcers, radon baths are also used, which improve immunity, relieve inflammation and repair tissues.
  • Microwave therapy .It is used for dyspeptic abnormalities and severe pain syndromes. The concomitant properties of this type of treatment are the normalization of gastric motility and the production of gastric juice, scarring of ulcerative formations, elimination of inflammatory processes.
  • Electroson .This type of treatment is to calm the individual parts of the brain, which are responsible for the digestive system.
  • CMT ( sinusoidal modulated currents).Such treatment normalizes blood circulation, provides maximum analgesic effect, accelerates the processes of tissue healing.
  • Psychotherapy .This method of curative influence consists in the passage of a set of procedures aimed at alleviating the symptoms of the disease and creating conditions for eliminating the causes of their manifestation. This is realized through the passage of a sanatorium-resort destination.

Physiotherapy with peptic ulcer disease allows a person to significantly improve the condition of the body. It can be used as a separate method of treatment, and in combination with medications.

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