Olazol: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs

Skin lesions resulting from injuries, burns, dermatological ailments, require therapy with the use of drugs for external application. From the correctness of the choice of medication depends on the speed of recovery, and prevention of complications, and the elimination of pain syndrome.

Features of the preparation

Olazole is an antiseptic and disinfectant medication locally. It has a convenient packaging, which allows you to accurately dose the product and distribute it on the surface of the body.

Dosage Forms

Olazole is manufactured by the manufacturer in the form of a spray bottle with a special nozzle that converts the formulation into foam( sometimes called ointment).There are two options for packaging - in a glass bottle and an aluminum bottle. Tare of 80 grams is placed in a box of cardboard.

Ingredients of Olazole

Active components of Olazole are:

  • Benzocaine is a topical analgesic agent used for both oral and external use;
  • boric acid is a substance that destroys pathogenic microbes;
  • chloramphenicol - antibiotic;
  • anestezin is a drug that rapidly dulges pain;
  • sea buckthorn oil - softening and regenerating fabrics.

The combination of active ingredients allows the drug to be effective and completely safe.


Cost of foam Olazole, and in glass, and in aluminum packaging is about 255 rubles in Russia.

Pharmacological action of

Olazole has three main directions of action:

  • analgesic;
  • regenerating
  • antiseptic;


After application of foam on the skin, the therapeutic effect of anesthesin is first - it instantly eliminates pain syndrome. Antibiotic levomecol and boric acid disinfect the damaged epidermis, and sea buckthorn oil has a regenerating effect.


Active ingredients of the drug do not enter the bloodstream, so the question of the rate of excretion of components of Olazole from the body is irrelevant.


Olazole is given if the following indications are given:

  • dermatitis of any origin, including infectious;
  • trophic ulcer;
  • burns( including solar and thermal);
  • wounds of any origin;
  • rehabilitation period after skin transplantation;
  • skin infection;
  • discomfort, itching.

The drug can be bought at the pharmacy without a prescription from the attending physician, but if there are serious indications, it is better to consult a dermatologist about the frequency of use and the time duration of the course.

Instructions for use

Before application to the injured part of the epidermis, it is necessary to clean the pus, if any, as well as other contaminants. After that, the vial should be shaken vigorously, put on a nebulizer that converts the composition into foam and directs the nozzle onto the wound at a distance of up to 5 centimeters, evenly covering the area with foam.

There is an application option, when the foam is squeezed into the palm of your hand, and after the other hand is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin. But the disadvantages of this method are the risk of damaging the skin and the possibility of infecting the wound.


On average, Olazol is used once daily. But with pain syndrome and with burns it is allowed to cover the affected epidermis with foam Olazol up to 4 times a day.

For Babies and Newborns

  • For children under the age of two, the manufacturer advises against using Olazole.
  • Patients over 2 years of age can theoretically use the medication the same way as adults.

In pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant women and nursing mothers to apply foam is not recommended by the manufacturer.


The list of factors preventing the use of the drug include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation;
  • allergic reaction to levomycetin in the anamnesis.

Side effects of

  • In exceptional cases, allergic reactions are possible, since the drug is applied to the wound, and, therefore, its components penetrate into the lymph and enter the bloodstream.
  • In case of an overdose, there is a risk of a decrease in the rate of blood filtration by glomeruli, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, skin rash.
  • If symptoms are found, it is important to remove the remnants of the drug in the wound, take enterosorbents and seek medical help from a doctor.

Special instructions

Olazole is sold at pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor.

Interaction with other medications

Olazole can not be used concomitantly with other topical medications: a combination of two different medications may have unpredictable consequences.


  • Olazol has a large number of positive reviews. The product is indispensable in any home medicine cabinet for treating the skin after a burn in adults and children.
  • The current low price of the drug, as well as a nozzle that allows the treatment of wounds and other skin damage with foam, allowing the drug to slowly absorb, without causing discomfort.


The most common analogue of Olazole is Panthenol. Both products have a high degree of efficiency, but a significant advantage of the Olazol foam is that the pharmaceutical market does not have as many counterfeit drugs as panthenol.

There are also other analogues for the mechanism of action:

  • Depantol cream ( Russia) - packing cost 30 grams 315 rubles;
  • Bepanten ( Germany) - a tube price of 30 grams 410 rubles;
  • Psilo-balm ( Germany) - packing price 20 grams 300 rubles;
  • Sudokrem ( Russia) - the price of the drug in a package of 60 grams 400 rubles.

Thus, the known analogues of the preparation Olazol will cost the buyer more than the original.

About analogues of Olazol from burns will tell the video below:

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