Betaspan: composition, instructions for the use of injections, reviews, price, analogues

Modern and highly effective means for restoring mobility in the joints, with endocrine disorders, as well as with serious skin diseases( eczema, psoriasis), Betaspan is now very popular in the treatment of inflammation in the musculoskeletal system, with bursitis, edema of various originthe brain, as well as to relieve the symptoms of dermatological diseases.

Today we will review the composition, analogues, instructions for the use of injections Betaspan, their price and reviews about the drug.

Features of the preparation

With its wide range of uses, this preparation, thanks to its rich composition and the availability of the most active active ingredient, allows the elimination of unpleasant manifestations of many diseases in a short time and improve the overall condition of the body. Complete recovery depends on the severity of the disease, and on individual characteristics, in particular on the level of immunity, susceptibility to the active substance and the presence of side effects when taking Betaspan.

Composition of Betaspan

Presented in the form of liquid drops intended for intramuscular injection, Betaspan is a corticosteroid drug for systemic use. The drug contains the following components:

  • betamethasone - active substance of the drug;
  • sodium phosphate, contained in an amount of 5.3 mg per g of product;
  • liquefied phenol;
  • sodium metabisulphite( E 223);
  • edetate disodium;
  • disodium phosphate dihydrate;
  • purified water for injection.

Convenience of use is provided by placing the solution for injections in ampoules, which should be discarded according to the procedure specified in the accompanying instruction.

Dosage forms

In pharmacies the preparation is offered as a solution for intramuscular injections of various volumes. This figure affects the cost of the drug.

So, solution d / in.4 mg / ml in ampoules of 1 ml, in a blister in a pack, No. 5 can be seen at a price of 958 to 1 120 rubles, and a solution of d / in.4 mg / ml in ampoules of 1 ml, pack, No. 1, No. 5 the cost is 1,050 -1,180 rubles.

Pharmacological action

As a highly effective medicinal product, Betaspan allows to influence in a short time many allergic, rheumatic and inflammatory diseases. Specificity of exposure is due to the nature of the active substance: betamethasol is a glucocorticoid nature of synthetic origin.


Due to the possibility of using the presented drug as a corticosteroid agent, its effect in all kinds of diseases having a rheumatic, allergic or inflammatory origin causes high efficacy of the drug. When it is used, a significant change in the reactions of the body to sources of inflammation or allergies occurs, and a specific reaction of immunity and metabolism of the organism is observed.


With intramuscular injection, there is a rapid absorption of the substance from the site of its introduction, which allows you to quickly act on the foci of inflammation. The distribution of the active substance with the blood flow provides the maximum distribution of the drug in the body, and reaches its highest concentration one hour after administration.

Betaspan is excreted one day after its transformation in the liver, and complete decomposition into the constituents and the beginning of excretion from the body is observed after 300 hours.


Due to the wide impact on many diseases that are susceptible to corticosteroid treatment, Betaspan can be prescribed in the following diseases and conditions:

  • diseases of the endocrine system , which include adrenaline insufficiency in acute form, supporting complex therapy with adrenal insufficiency, with traumatic, pain, burn shock, with acute and chronic purulent thyroiditis, in the treatment of complex therapy in the detection of malignant neoplasms;
  • short-term use with treatment of the musculoskeletal system : periarticular circulatory disorders, inflammatory processes that occur in the joint tissues, fibrositis, interstitial acute fever;
  • collagenosis , which include such conditions as acute lupus, scleroderma;
  • skin diseases( dermatological): eczema of various degrees of development, consequences of systemic lupus, dermatitis( including bullous), psoriatic plaques, seborrheic dermatitis in chronic and acute form;
  • respiratory diseases , which include pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia;
  • allergic conditions , accompanied by acute manifestations and not responding to standard treatment regimens: allergies of various nature, rhinitis, polyps in the nasal cavity;
  • ophthalmic diseases : corneal damage, conjunctivitis, marked changes in eye segments;
  • hematological diseases : anemia of idiopathic nature, thrombocytopenia, which develops against the background of other diseases in adults.

Also, the drug is widely used in such pathological conditions as cerebral edema, prenatal prophylaxis.

Instructions for Use

Administration of the drug is prescribed by a doctor;the treatment regimen and the size of the administered dose of the drug is determined by the severity of the disease and the presence of allergic reactions to the components of Betaspan.

  • Administration of the drug is either intravenous or intramuscular.
  • Use a dropper solution to inject slowly or drip slowly.

The initial dose of the drug in terms of active substance for an adult per day should be at least 8 mg. After its introduction it is necessary to analyze the received clinical result, at its satisfactory effect and removal of the most part of accompanying symptoms the dose gradually decreases up to such quantity at which the satisfactory result will be supported.

The dose for starting treatment in children is 20 to 120 mg of active substance per kg of body weight of the child. The solution is administered with a parallel injection of an intramuscular or intravenous isotonic glucose solution. The prepared solution of the preparation can be stored in the refrigerator without losing its qualities throughout the day.

The scheme of application of Betaspan in various conditions of the body is as follows:

  • with coma is administered up to 2 mg of solution throughout the day, dividing the dose into 4 injections;
  • when edema of brain tissue is assigned 2-4 mg of active substance in solution;
  • for transfusion activities, a single dose of 1-2 mg is administered;
  • for the stimulation of labor and in the presence of certain obstetric and gynecological complications, administration of 4-6 mg of Betaspen is administered intramuscularly.

On whether Betaspan is allowed during pregnancy, read below.


The most common adverse effects of using Betaspan should include the possibility of allergic manifestations with a tendency to allergies of different nature, some ophthalmic lesions in eye lesions, as well as pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding. For this reason, contraindications include the following conditions:

  • breast-feeding as the drug penetrates into breast milk and may adversely affect the newborn;
  • presence of eye diseases( cataract, glaucoma), which can begin to progress;
  • during pregnancy, the mechanism of action of the active substance on the woman and the fetus has not been studied to the end, therefore the use of the drug is not recommended without the acute necessity and the appointment of a doctor;
  • in the presence of severe skin lesions, as there is an increase in the manifestations of the existing disease.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug leads to the appearance of an allergic reaction, and therefore increased sensitivity may also be considered a contraindication to the use of Betaspane.

Side effects of

In case of hypersensitivity in the components, it is necessary to administer to the treatment regimen the agents having a similar effect on the body.

  • The most common side effects when using Betaspan are dermatological - it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the skin, the appearance of swelling of the tissues, limited skin rashes, eczema.
  • On the part of ophthalmic manifestations, probably the development of cataracts and glaucoma.

Special instructions

Pregnancy requires the most accurate prescription of the drug. When breastfeeding Betaspan is not prescribed.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of Betaspan enhances the effect of ephedrine and phenobarbital, which accelerates the process of corticosteroid production.

Reviews of the drug in Betaspan ampoules are given below.


High efficiency in the treatment of a variety of systemic diseases made this drug popular in treatment. However, the appointment should be made by a doctor to avoid consequences.reception.


To drugs with similar medicinal effects should be attributed:

  • Diprospan;
  • Celeston, sold in tablets and solution;
  • Depot in the form of a suspension.

Betamethasone is the active substance in all the listed preparations.

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