What can you eat with a stomach ulcer? What useful foods can you eat?

To forget about gastroenterological problems for a long time, the patient simply needs to adjust his daily lifestyle, which he led before the illness.

Nutrition is a prime habit with which a patient will have to part forever, changing his view of what is eaten with a stomach ulcer.

The disease requires the patient to pay close attention to what can be eaten with an ulcer.

After all, according to medical statistics, exacerbation in the gastrointestinal tract occurs more often in those patients who ignore the permitted products in the stomach ulcer, preferring sharp, fatty foods that excite the release of hydrochloric acid.

Dietary products, those that can be used with stomach ulcers, on the contrary, help to cicatrize the defect, restoring a healthy balance of acid production and mucus secretion, always disturbed in this pathology.

Dishes approved for ulcers, sparing the walls of the body as much as possible, without irritating them with either chemical composition, their structure, or temperature index.

If the patient knows exactly what he can, and constantly adheres to a dietary diet, the disease can not bother him for many years. Although peptic ulcer is sufficiently cunning and prone to relapse, especially during off-season periods, when the body's immune response weakens.

But if it's responsive to what to eat with an ulcer in the spring and summer, while connecting supportive therapy, then the aggravation of the disease will bypass the party.

What can I eat with a stomach ulcer?

Before proceeding to the list of permitted products, it is necessary to clarify the significant nuance of dietary nutrition: an important role in the treatment of gastric disease is played not only by what the stomach ulcer patients suffer, but also how they do it.

Eating a peanut must be fractional, portions small. Excessive fullness of the stomach can lead to rupture of the ulcer.

At a time when the patient experiences a feeling of hunger, he receives an additional corrosive effect of the acidic environment on the mucous walls of the organ.

What should be done in this case correctly, which is useful for stomach ulcers? Protecting the digestive organ from the aggression of hydrochloric acid can moderate the patient's food, every 2.5 hours.

Products containing vitamins of group C, A, B, - exactly what you need to eat with a stomach ulcer, without forgetting at the same time about the sense of proportion. Excess A-vitamin can provoke an inflammatory process in the pancreas.

Table salt refers to the category of food that is not allowed to eat. Therefore, the therapeutic diet allows no more than 10 grams of product per day. What else is prohibited?

The patient, thinking about what can be done with a stomach ulcer, categorically refuses from the proposed to him:

  • fatty fish and meat with veins and skin, pork fat, fat lamb;
  • soups cooked on strong meat, fish, vegetable, mushroom broths;
  • canned, smoked products, sausages;
  • of spicy, salty dishes;
  • sweet caloric muffin, rye and whole wheat bread;
  • alcoholic and carbonated beverages, strong hot coffee;
  • ice cream, sour berries and fruits;
  • dishes from legumes;Gastric ulcer, what can I eat?

    1. Milk is the main product in a medical diet that contains basic chemical substances that have a beneficial effect on the recovery of both the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism. Milk is used as a basis for cereals, cereal soups, kissels and desserts. Sour-milk products and unsalted cheeses are also welcome on the table of the peanut.

    2. Vegetable oil( olive or sunflower) has the most powerful wound-healing effect on erosive mucosal lesions. Butter is added to ready-made dietary meals;

    3.Krupy( oatmeal, rice, pearl barley, semolina, buckwheat), pasta, wheat bread( yesterday's freshness), biscuit, oatmeal biscuit biscuit;

    4. Eggs boiled soft or cooked as a steam omelet;

    5. Lousy rabbit meat, chicken. Lenten veal, beef;

    6.Morskaya lean fish;

    7.Morkov, beets, pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes - vegetables, those that can be eaten with a stomach ulcer;

    8.Fruits and berries of soft consistency and sweet taste: strawberries, strawberries. Pre-soaked dried fruits: prunes, raisins, dried apricots, dates without skin;

    9. What can be sweet, which drinks will be useful?

    • Honey( in the absence of allergy to the product), marshmallows, marmalade, pastilles without artificial colors.
    • Non-carbonated mineral( bicarbonate) warm water, it is drunk for an hour and a half before meals. Sweet vegetable and fruit juices, jelly, mashed potatoes, broth from the hips;
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