Diarrhea after beer, the causes of diarrhea, why is it a loose stool?

If a person is inclined to frequent abuse of alcohol, he begins to note such a state of his body as the resulting after alcohol diarrhea. And it appears not only after drinking vodka, but also low-alcohol drinks, such as beer or wine. Why does alcohol diarrhea appear and what are the causes that cause a loose stool? Experts usually state the fact that due to the regular use of drinks that contain even a small amount of alcohol, the diseases that were previously in a dormant state are activated. In the event that diarrhea after beer is accompanied by pain in the liver, vomiting and high fever, this indicates the progression of hepatitis. Only the cessation of consumption of alcohol-containing products will stop the development of the disease.

Causes of diarrhea from beer may be hiding in exacerbation of gastritis. This abnormality of the stomach, which appeared after a large amount of this low-alcohol drink, except for diarrhea, causes pain in the lower abdomen, heartburn, a feeling of nausea and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. All the symptoms appear simultaneously only in rare cases, since the disease that caused the liquid stool develops gradually. In the same case, when the patient asks why the diarrhea caused all the negative and severe symptoms at the same time after the beer, the specialists explain that this is due to the transition of the disease to a more serious stage, the therapy of which requires not only the refusal of alcohol, but also long-term treatment inhospital.

Reasons for diarrhea after beer

Why even those drinks that contain a small amount of alcohol can cause severe diarrhea? This is due to the fact that the human body receives a large dose of toxic substances, since beer is consumed not by piles, but by liters. The intestine begins to work with the greatest intensity, since the liquid is constantly supplied. Because of the high content of alcohol in the faeces, the walls of the digestive organs do not cope with the function of water absorption, as a result, the stool becomes watery and diarrhea arises.

In addition, due to the fact that in the composition of even non-alcoholic versions of modern drinks, there is a significant amount of dyes and preservatives, all of which can greatly disrupt the functional activity of the digestive tract. This is the prerequisite of why diarrhea arises after a beer. Conclusions from such factors as the appearance of diarrhea after beer, and the reasons why this drink provokes the development of alcoholic diarrhea, can be the following:

  1. The resulting abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive tract do not allow water to be absorbed in a timely and qualitative way, because of what it lingers in the stomachand is taken out already with not completely digested food;
  2. A liquid stool from beer can also appear due to the stimulating effect of this drink on the intestines. The prerequisite for diarrhea after any alcohol is its influence on the digestive tract, as a result of which peristalsis is accelerated, and the food is looking for an "exit" without having time to digest.

In addition, diarrhea after beer develops due to the fact that alcohol, which is part of this drink, plays an antiseptic role. As a result, disinfection of the intestine occurs, and both harmful and beneficial microorganisms are destroyed in it. A natural reaction of the body to this factor is the appearance of watery stools and frequent calls for acts of defecation.

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