Tablets from constipation, the names of drugs, which are the best - chewing, candy, electronic, vegetable, which are strong and effectively help adults?

Malnutrition and low motor activity often lead to an adult or child developing such a delicate problem as stool hardening and prolonged stool delay. Not everyone is morally ready in such a situation to seek help from a doctor, many prefer to look for ways out of it on their own. The most frequent decision that a person takes is a search for a good remedy for constipation. Tablets that are designed to quickly get rid of the scourge, in a large range are sold without prescriptions in all pharmacies. Yes, and TV screens are filled with names and photographs of medicines intended for this purpose.

But do not hurry. Even the best and strongest pill of constipation, whose names are heard by everyone, are not effective for all patients. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the particular organism and the stage of development of the disease. Therefore, before you choose your choice of any fast-acting constipation tablets that, according to the manufacturer, have the ability to clean out the intestines from fecal stones, toxins and toxins qualitatively, but also to help preserve the result for a long time, one should not only consult a specialist,but also carefully study the annotation.

It is also recommended when choosing a pill from constipation in adults or children to give preference to those that are created on the basis of herbal components and contain herbal extracts. Let their action less rapid than synthetic drugs, but in addition to a long-lasting positive effect, they are also the safest means in tablets against constipation, not addictive. Drinking them is best not in emergency cases, but in long courses, so that the result obtained is fixed. To be guided when choosing follows their name and composition. Patients are always interested in what drugs of the modern pharmaceutical market, designed to normalize acts of defecation, are more effective and do not harm the body. In order to understand this, it is worth more detail on the following types.

Chewing tablets against constipation

This group includes sweets and lozenges, created on a plant and fruit basis with the addition of herbal extracts. These drugs can not be called medication or drug tablets for constipation. This is most likely active biological supplements that have a good laxative effect on the body. Used from constipation, chewable tablets in the form of sweets or pastilles are in great demand among people of all ages. The most popular names among patients are Regulax and Phytolax. These so-called constipation tablets are excellent laxatives. The herbs and other herbal components that enter into them act on the intestines gently and gently. These chewable preparations are not required to drink with a lot of water, which is very convenient, since it does not cause an increase in urination at night. In addition, all these chewy candies or lozenges from constipation have an excellent fruit flavor. Even the most capricious and fastidious child will not refuse to bite them for the night.

Unique in these products is a combination of active substances that provide a comprehensive impact on the digestive tract of adults. With the reception of chewable tablets intended to rid the patient of prolonged constipation, there is an improvement in the intestinal motility, strong spasms are eliminated, gases are better discharged and its contents are evacuated more quickly. In addition, these biologically active drugs act as sorbents, that is, they help purify the digestive organs from accumulated toxins. The advantage of these biological supplements is that they have a minimum of contraindications. They are not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation, and for children under 3 years. All other patients can apply them safely.

Electronic pill against constipation, what are the advantages?

This name has recently been heard more often. Not long ago, thanks to the developments of Israeli scientists, this novelty appeared on the pharmaceutical market, and in a short time it gained great popularity both among professionals and patients suffering from long stool delays. For those who are still unfamiliar with the electronic tablet, which very well relieves of strong constipation, I want to tell about it in more detail. As you can see in the photos of this novelty, which are in large numbers on the Internet, it is a small capsule, equipped with a battery.

The action of this "electronic miracle" is that the micromotor provides the vibrating action of a small weight having a displaced center of gravity. The battery lasts for 2 hours. It is during this time that this pill from constipation accelerates the functioning of peristalsis, which greatly facilitates the exit of feces, with which it is excreted. A very important point is that this miracle pill is turned on, 6 hours after it was drunk, at the moment of reaching the center of localization of constipation in the digestive tract.

The use of this electrostimulator of peristalsis is indicated not only for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system as directed by a doctor, but also for correcting the disturbances in the physiological state of a healthy person. Indications for the use of such tablets against constipation are the following:

  • Dynamic bowel obstruction;
  • Chronic chair delays;
  • Violations of acts of defecation that have arisen after surgical interventions.

Even a single use of a pill from constipation by an adult patient gives an excellent result. Digestive organs due to it are cleared of toxins and toxins, the hormonal balance of the body is restored, and the level of cholesterol is reduced.

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