What can you drink to pregnant women from constipation, what to take, to drink during pregnancy, than to treat?

Congestion in the intestine of a pregnant woman, especially if becoming chronic, is dangerous for many complications that threaten the health of women and her future child. To combat constipation during pregnancy use different methods and, in the first place, diet and exercise. The use of drugs against constipation is resorted only if the previously adopted measures have not had the necessary effect and can not be eliminated with the emptying of the intestine. Than to treat a constipation at pregnant women and that it is possible to accept is defined or determined by the doctor on the basis of the analysis of the reasons which have caused problems with an intestine and a state of health of the woman preparing to become a mother.

An important place in the treatment of problems with defecation is the diet, which includes not only certain foods, compliance with the regime, but also what to drink during pregnancy. What is used for stool problems during pregnancy? In this issue can help a few simple recommendations:

  1. From time to time you can get on all fours, leaning on the sofa. This position affects the improvement of the intestine.
  2. When going to the toilet, sitting on the toilet, put your feet on a small elevation. This ensures complete liberation of the intestine from feces.

When choosing what to take for pregnant women with constipation, it is necessary to start with inhibitions. First, categorically forbidden herbal collections, which include senna or buckthorn. Actively influencing the strengthening of intestinal motility, they can provoke miscarriage and they must be excluded from the list of drugs that are allowed to drink from a difficult bowel movement.

The easiest and most reliable way to get rid of problems with bowel movement is to take a glass of cold water during fasting during pregnancy at any time in the morning on an empty stomach, immediately after a night's sleep. Another recommended before going to bed is to drink a glass of yogurt with a spoon of sunflower oil. In this case, stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and a slight laxative effect is achieved.

Also very good is a very tasty folk remedy made from a chopped mixture of prunes, dried apricots and raisins, to which it is possible to add honey or walnuts. Among the products that can be taken pregnant in case of problems with the stool, there must necessarily be oat bran, black bread, cereals from wheat and pearl barley, vegetable oils. From the list of what can be prevented from constipation during this period it is desirable to exclude strong tea, white bread and flour products from the premium grade flour, ground rice and semolina. At the same time, to increase the content in the diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and primarily beets, pumpkins, carrots, apples, apricots, which are taken during pregnancy constipation is also recommended for prevention. But again, what can be accepted should be determined individually.

What to drink with constipation during pregnancy?

With stagnant manifestations, when the defecation process is very difficult, and the stool masses themselves are very dry and hard, a sufficient amount of fluid intake is very important. Women in the period of bearing a child are recommended to consume at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day. Choice of drinking during pregnancy with constipation, small. This can be simple water, mineral water without gas, compotes from dried fruits. What to drink during pregnancy, each woman determines on the basis of personal preferences, but, again, taking into account medical recommendations.

There are many laxative herbal prescriptions in pharmacies, but the best that can be taken from constipation during pregnancy is special drinks that improve bowel function. The most effective of drinks that drinking from problems with a pregnant stool is the infusion of prunes, which is consumed before each meal.

Increase the useful properties of water to soften the stools will allow the addition of a spoon of honey on a glass of cold water. A very effective means that you can drink during pregnancy during constipation is a decoction of flaxseed mixed with honey and aloe filled with half a cup of "tea fungus".In general, flaxseed oil, which can also be added to salads or used in its pure form, has many very useful properties, including an excellent weakening effect. Acting as a natural lubricant, linseed oil, which is drunk during constipation, simultaneously provides an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other pathologies of the intestine.

In addition, the daily intake of a woman's oil affects the strengthening of the nervous system, increasing stress resistance, normalizes blood pressure, kidney function and improves metabolic processes. So, to take pregnant women from constipation linseed oil or other remedy is also determined by individual susceptibility. The main rule in this case should be regularity and duration of intake of at least a week. Then there will be a persistent curative effect.

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