But-shpa with diarrhea

Among the antispasmodics No-shpa is the most famous and popular drug for reducing the tone of smooth muscles, motor activity of muscles, and the expansion of blood vessels. High efficiency and quick positive effect from the use of No-shpa allows the use of a medicine for the treatment of:

  1. Cholecystitholithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, pericholecystitis.
  2. Spastic urinary tract pain( cystitis, nephrolithiasis, urethrolithiasis, pyelitis).
  3. Ulcerative formations;gastritis, enteritis, colitis, spastic constipation.

In addition, No-shpu is used to relieve spasmodic headaches, arterial vessels, birth cramps of the cervix and in the treatment of many other diseases as an auxiliary. As is known, the main cause of diarrhea is the violation of intestinal peristalsis, which occurs when diseases of internal organs.

Diarrhea refers to a change in the consistency of faeces, which become very fluid and with a significant increase in the frequency of acts of defecation. Signaling about trouble in the work of the digestive tract, diarrhea is accompanied by the phenomenon of flatulence, abdominal pains of a cramping or persistent nature. To eliminate pain with diarrhea No-shpa is the most effective drug. In addition, the practical lack of side effects makes it possible to use No-shpa for diarrhea in children, beginning with a one-year-old age, as well as for the elderly and the elderly.

No-shpu is also recommended for use in diarrhea in pregnant women. This medicine can be used to eliminate pain associated with diarrhea, which can accompany an acute form of surgical pathology, but there is no risk of establishing this pathology. Apply No-shpu with diarrhea in the form of tablets, and for small children, as prescribed by the doctor, the drug solution is administered intramuscularly.

This medicine can be purchased without a prescription, but if one or two days of positive results to stop diarrhea does not occur, you should see a doctor to clarify the diagnosis and correction of treatment. Contraindication in the application of No-shpa is the individual intolerance of individual components. This is especially true for those who suffer from intolerance to lactose, because one tablet contains 52 mg of lactose. It is contraindicated for persons with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency and also with severe heart failure.

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