Worms in infants, newborns, photos of symptoms, what can be signs of helminths in an infant, treatment of children with drugs, how do they look in feces?

Varieties of parasitic worms that cause great harm to humans, there is a huge amount, but only some of them are the most common and have a significant impact on human health. If for an adult human presence of parasites in the body is, although not a pleasant, but not particularly disturbing phenomenon, the presence of worms in a newborn child can result in tragedies, especially if one does not take timely measures. Attention to the problem of worms in newborns is also due to the fact that recently there has been a significant increase in the number of births of children already infected with parasites at the stage of fetal development.

An infected pregnant woman transmits through the circulatory system the larvae or eggs of parasites infecting her body and subsequently, they are fixed in an organ and wait for a favorable environment for their development. It does not affect the delivery process, but after birth, the parasites of the newborn baby begin to actively manifest themselves. Symptoms of worms in newborns is the presence of a generalized rash of an allergic nature on the skin. In addition, the baby does not gain body weight, has severe symptoms of anemia and lags behind in physical development( in the picture, parasites that occur in the baby).

Worms among infants are not as common as in children of two or three years old who are actively learning the world around them, but are more dangerous due to the lack of a formed immune defense. Frequent acute respiratory diseases, a tendency to allergies, diseases of internal organs - all this may be the result of the presence of helminthiosis in infants.

Signs of worms in the infant

Many mothers with HB believe that the question: "Can worms have an infant?" - should not stand at all. Therefore, do not connect the problems that arise in the infant with infection by parasites. Most often, the helminths in the baby are detected accidentally, when carrying out additional studies. At the same time, the earlier it is determined whether the baby can have parasites, the faster the elimination process will start and there will be fewer problems in the future.

Signs of worms in infants can be:

  • whims, causeless tears;
  • shallow intermittent sleep at any time of day;
  • stool disorder, diarrhea;
  • itching in the anus, increasing in the morning, at night;
  • whitish coating on the tongue;
  • dark circles under the eyes of a characteristic species;
  • Intensive salivation during night sleep.

Symptoms of the worms in the infant are sudden, causeless diathesis, neurodermatitis or dermatitis. Symptoms of worms in the infant, which directly indicate the presence of helminthic invasion, most often occur at the age of 8-12 months. It is very difficult to detect the presence of parasites or their eggs by laboratory analysis methods, since the main condition is the freshness of the stool. Therefore, the mother, who suspected that the baby can have worms, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to his bowel movements. The fact that the children can have Worms on the HS are shown by the baby's reaction to pressure above and below the navel. At the same time, he pulls up his legs, and a painful grimace appears on his face.

On the above feces photo, the most common types of parasites are shown in worm infants. The most common types of parasites in infants are round, small in size worms, as well as microscopic lamblia, the favorite habitat of which are the intestine and gallbladder. In the picture of the baby, the symptoms of the parasite in the baby are clearly visible, and you can compare them with those of your baby that you noticed. In any case, if there are at least one or more signs of parasites in newborns, it is necessary to urgently contact a pediatrician.

Treatment of worms in an infant

Symptoms of parasites in infants( in the photo), manifested immediately after birth, require taking action even before establishing the type of parasite. The choice of how to treat worms in a baby is very difficult, since most drugs are recommended to be taken at an age of more than two years. The difficulties of getting newborns out of parasites, the symptoms of which are unclear, lie in the fact that, in addition to medicinal products, many traditional medicine can not be used. The safest in this case is such a common folk recipe, as imposing on the navel of a baby drenched tar, a piece of cotton wool.

Treatment of worms in newborns is carried out under strict medical supervision, and the therapy scheme is selected individually, based on the stage of infection and the number of parasites. Often, the doctor with worms in the baby recommends taking steps when reaching the baby 1,5 or 2 years, limiting the therapy to a nursing mother. If nevertheless the doctor on the basis of the collected analysis decides about the need to prescribe a therapeutic course, the scheme of drug therapy includes:

  1. Admission of special antihelminthic drugs. It should be noted that any deviation from the prescribed dosage or self-administration may lead to very serious consequences.
  2. Purification of blood and intestines with enterosorbents.
  3. Normalization of the balance of the digestive system with enzymes.
  4. The intake of vitamins and minerals to strengthen and enhance immunity.

The effect manifests itself more quickly and is fixed under condition of complex therapy. At the beginning of the baby can feel worse, and this is due to the fact that, perishing, parasites poison the children's body. Termination of treatment is impossible, so that the destruction of parasites does not stop. In the case of a strong reaction of the child's body to the funds taken, it is necessary to consult a doctor for adjustment. Of the folk anthelmintic preparations, the most secure are raw pumpkin seeds, dried walnut peel, fruits of clove tree. As agreed with the doctor, you can use garlic and herb wormwood. But, even applying the safest means, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

Prevention of helminths in children with

drugs A well-known pediatrician Komarovsky speaking about worm infants, advised to focus on the prevention of parasites in infants. Among the main measures to prevent infection, hygiene in the premises, keeping the rules of personal hygiene of all who contact the baby, is of paramount importance. When breastfeeding a woman can, after becoming infected through food, raw water, transfer the baby to the infection without washing her hands after the toilet or having processed the breast before feeding.

If there are animals in the house, it is necessary to regularly perform antihelminthic prophylaxis, to prevent the animal after walking outdoors to contact with the baby. Most doctors categorically oppose the use of drugs for the prevention of helminths in children under one year of age. The use of anthelmintics is justified, even if without tests, the symptomatology shows with a high degree of probability whether the newborn can have parasites. But again, apply them only as prescribed by the doctor. How to look like worms in the baby in the photo can be seen here.

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