Means for treatment of stomach ulcers. What is better to take?

Medical means of treatment of stomach ulcers in the first place should normalize the reparative processes in the mucous epithelium and protect the tender shell from the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid and pepsins. These drugs include Misoprostol - it's prostaglandin, which suppresses basal secretion. The composition contains fatty acid derivatives, and it is these substances that reduce the release of hydrochloric acid and form a protective film on the walls of the stomach.

No less widely used pharmacological agents for gastric ulcers, such as Methyluracil or Pentoxyl. Both drugs stimulate the growth and division of new cells, thereby improving the regeneration of tissues and speeding up the scarring process of erosive defects. The use of these medicines is effective in the treatment of the chronic form of peptic ulcer, because they have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Methyluracil enhances the properties of antacid preparations necessary to neutralize hydrochloric acid.

The best folk remedies for stomach ulcers

Considering the recipes of folk medicine, first of all, it is worth noting the popular remedy for stomach ulcers - flax seeds. The use of phytotherapy does not abolish drug treatment, but it very well promotes the complex fight against GIT disease. The properties of the seed to isolate soluble fiber or, as it is also called, mucus, can effectively protect the affected walls of the digestive organ and thereby provide ideal conditions for wound healing. You can buy a medicine in any pharmacy.

No less effective remedy for stomach ulcers is a common egg white protein. Experts gastroenterologists recommend during the seasonal exacerbations of the disease to separate the egg white from the yolk and drink it for 30 minutes before each meal. You can take and beetroot juice, which is full of useful ingredients. Red beet juice improves food digestion, breaks down fats, stimulates intestinal peristalsis and heals ulcers.

Antibacterial therapy against ulcers

The latest data in the study of the causes of a defect in the gastric mucosa testify that in 90% of cases the disease is associated with infection of the intestine with Helicobacter pylori. Therefore, in addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to know what to take with a stomach ulcer to provide eradication treatment and radical destruction of microbes.

Anti-Helicobacter pylori preparations against ulcers are divided into three pharmacological groups:

  • Ranitidine, Lansoprazole or Omeprazole - this type of medication is involved in the regulation of the normal acidity index of the digestive juice;
  • Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Tetracycline and Metronidazole are a group of antibiotics that must be present in antibiotic therapy without fail. Medications work effectively even in conditions of high content of hydrochloric acid, besides, in Helicobacter pylori microbes there is no resistance to this group of drugs;
  • Gastro-norms, De-Nol, Bisnol - antiseptic and astringent intestinal preparations, based on the active substance - bismuth subcitrate. Gastroprotectors form a protective film in the area of ​​the erosive defect and stimulate the regeneration of cellular structures. Antimicrobial action is characterized by the ability of drugs to modify the cellular membranes of Helicobacter bacteria and inhibit not only their mobility, but also the degree of pathogenicity.

The therapy scheme looks approximately as follows: Omeprazole + Amoxicillin and Metronidazole + De-Nol or Gastro-norms. What exactly is prescribed for a stomach ulcer and in what dosages is decided by the attending physician on the basis of an anamnesis. Some specialists can replace certain drugs with similar means. The effectiveness of this regimen is confirmed by the low rate of recurrence of the disease.

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