How to pierce the navel at home without pain

A navel piercing for wearing earrings is fashionable and modern. If you want to emphasize the style and personality, then the best way is simply not to find. This procedure is unusual and it is necessary to approach it as carefully as possible. Especially if it is decided to find and implement a method how to pierce the navel at home without pain.

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The correct preparation of

Without going to the pharmacy at home piercing the navel is indispensable: you need to buy the necessary tools and materials:

  • packing of sterile cotton wool;
  • thick needle( if there is, it is better to buy a special catheter, the diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the needle);
  • any antiseptic( usual alcohol or hydrogen peroxide);
  • earring( you can buy it not in the pharmacy, but it must be at the time of the puncture);
  • clamp;
  • pain reliever;
  • new sterile marker.

Sterilization with the

tool To ensure that the navel piercing process at home is successful and without pain, all tools must be disinfected. And those that will come into contact with the skin, it is better to disinfect twice. First wash your hands with soap and water. Then, using antiseptic and cotton wool, wipe hands, needle.

The earring should be put in the antiseptic solution and left for a quarter of an hour. All this is done to prevent infection in the wound. It is from this important stage that 90% of the puncture success in the home depends.


This is a critical step, because it is the markings that will be pierced. Points are marked where the needle will be inserted. A sterile marker for this procedure is ideal.

What is important to consider when applying dots:

  • puncture is done strictly in the center of the navel;
  • between the puncture points from the top and bottom distance should not be large. Otherwise, the earring will begin to tighten the skin, it will lead to her injury;
  • a small distance also does not need to be done, so that the earring held tight.

Important! Before the complete healing of punctures, the distance between the puncture points will increase: when marking this also needs to be taken into account. Only after complete healing of the wounds the distance will be the same as it was calculated at the very beginning.

Reduce the pain

If you do piercing the navel in the cabin, there are always injections with an anesthetic. At home, you can use for this purpose a special ointment or regular tablets.

Important! You need to choose medicine for pain relief carefully by reading the instructions. Remember about possible contraindications, about possible allergic manifestations on the active ingredients of the drug.

If you do not want to resort to any drugs, then you can use a clamp. The skin should be pulled and clamped and fixed. Wait until this area is numb, and then start a puncture. The clamp is removed after the puncture.

Navel puncture

The most difficult thing is to pierce the navel at home without pain - this is to make the puncture itself. It will be necessary to lie down and relax. Muscles should become free, not tense. Take a cotton pad, moistened with antiseptic, treat the puncture site. Further pull the skin out with your fingers and make a puncture, from below upwards, with a confident sharp movement.

Important! If a clamp is used for anesthesia, you do not need to pull the skin off with your fingers. It is enough just to make a puncture on the planned points.


When the holes are ready, they need to be lubricated with antiseptic cotton wool again and pasted for a time with adhesive tape. This is important to do to avoid the development of an inflammatory process.

How to care for the piercing in the navel:

  • earring in the hole will need to be scrolled several times a day. This is necessary so that the punctured tissue does not grow together;
  • twice a day, within a week after the puncture, lubricate the holes with an antiseptic;
  • if the wound does not heal, but begins to become inflamed, redness and pain appear, you need to see a doctor.

Make a home navel piercing without pain and it will be properly difficult. But with a strong desire and no fear, everything will necessarily happen. It is important to remember to follow all the precautions described.

What can happen if the puncture is incorrect:

  1. In cosmetic salons, the navel puncture is not even a procedure, but an operation. With independent actions to the process should be approached as seriously as possible, then to not regret the consequences.
  2. Infection can cause inflammation, the appearance of pus, and fever.
  3. If the inflammation appears, but the person does not go to the doctor, blood poisoning can begin.
  4. Itching, a burning sensation.
  5. Redness or blue spots.
  6. Bright red, swollen scars.

To avoid negative consequences after a navel puncture at home has not appeared, it is important to observe the rules of caution during the procedure and in preparation for it. In particular, do not drink alcohol and do not swim in open water for 24 hours.

Important! You should never pierce moles or birthmarks! Such carelessness is fraught with the development of skin cancer.

Observing all the rules how to pierce the navel at home without pain, it will turn out to be on the crest of a fashionable wave and start wearing an earring in the navel.

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