Drugs from pinworms( enterobiosis) for adults and children, the best and most effective drug treatment, what to take, drink, how to help?

To get rid of worms that parasitize the human intestine, it is easiest with the help of medicines, but due to the fact that they are all very toxic and suitable only for a certain type of helminths, the specialist should select a drug after carrying out a diagnosis and finding out which parasite"Settled" in the patient. Most often, children and adults are prone to enterobiosis, which causes pinworms. Drug treatment of this helminthiasis will be effective only if during the therapeutic measures the patient fully complies with the rules of personal hygiene. At the slightest deviation from them comes a repeated self-infection.

Often, patients are interested in what medicine helps with pinworms and what is its main principle of action. Most often when infecting nematodes, experts recommend taking Pirantel, Decaris or Vermox. These drugs are available in the form of tablets and suspensions, and, according to most experts, have the best effect. Their work consists in the fact that these drugs cause neuromuscular blockade in adults of pinworms and other nematodes, after which paralyzed worms are removed from the human intestine naturally during feces. The big plus of these preparations from worms is that they can be drunk both to a small child( in the form of a suspension) and to pregnant women. But this should be done only on the advice of a specialist and under his supervision.

Due to the fact that many people are interested in drugs against pinworms, the most effective means should be considered in a brief review:

  • Vermox( mebendazole) eliminates worms due to what causes them metabolic disorders, in particular, the absorption of glucose. As a result, adult helminths perish and are eliminated from the intestine with calves;
  • Decaris is also one of the best medicines used during the treatment of pinworms. It causes paralysis of the musculature paralysis, after which they are eliminated from the body within 24 hours. It is produced in the form of tablets, which can be taken by adults and children. The dose of the drug is selected by a specialist depending on the weight of the patient.

It is quite important in the action of the above medicines that they are capable of destroying not only sexually mature specimens of pinworms, but also their larvae. The positive effect of these medications is achieved due to the possibility of their active components to block the polymerization of turbulence in the cells of the worms, resulting in a metabolic abnormality and parasites perishing.

Drug for pinworms in adults

Therapeutic measures designed to get rid of helminths in patients of the older age group are not much different from those of children. In order to prevent the transition of enterobiasis to the chronic stage, they must be prescribed and monitored by a doctor. The best medicine for pinworms, which experts recommend taking an adult, is Levamisol, Helminthox, Mebendazole, Vermox and Nemosol. They can be drunk and in the presence of the patient, in addition to enterobiosis, infestation with other parasites. But all of them are quite toxic, so treatment of pinworms with these medicines should be done with great care.

In order to have a therapeutic effect when using these medications was better, they should switch to an easy vegetarian diet one day before the beginning of treatment. Eating foods that accelerate intestinal motility will contribute to a more successful withdrawal of paralyzed parasites from the intestine. In the evening after the therapy with these pills, you should take a laxative or put a cleansing enema. This will speed up the removal of pinworms from the intestine, especially those that are not killed by the action of the drug, but simply weakened. We should not forget that all the therapeutic measures for this invasion must necessarily be accompanied by the observance of certain rules of personal hygiene. Only in this way can a person avoid the risk of repeated self-infection.

The use of drugs against pinworms during pregnancy has its own nuances. The fact is that although it is considered that there is no particular danger for antihumintic drugs for the future mother, in the first trimester of pregnancy, which is the most difficult, they should be treated with extreme caution. It is during this period that the fetus is formed, therefore, an independent intake of drugs that destroy pinworms is strictly prohibited. The most safe medicine against pinworms is Piperazine, which infectious disease is usually prescribed to women in the situation, since it does not have any negative impact on the fetus. In addition, this medicine for pinworms can be taken and during lactation. But, despite the large number of positive reviews and complete safety, before using these tablets by a woman wearing a baby, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

Effective medication for pinworms in children

If all small helminths are found in children, all therapeutic measures against helminths should be prescribed only by a doctor. It is he who is able to choose the exact dosage taking into account the individual characteristics of the child. Correctly selected course will help get rid of parasites only if it is carried out 2 times, with an interval of 2 weeks.

The medicine for pinworms for children Pirentel is considered the best and most often recommended by specialists. This agent, effectively destroying the round helminths, contains the active substance pyrantel pamoate, which is activated in the human intestine and acts perniciously not only on adult pinworms, but also on their larvae. Because of its reception in the body of parasites, a metabolic abnormality occurs, and they die. The drug, released in the form of a suspension, has a softer effect than tablets, so it can be prescribed for enterobiosis in small children from 2 years. All recommendations on how to drink this drug to babies are given by the attending physician after necessary research has been carried out. The thing is that although the suspension is not very toxic, exceeding the required dose can lead to undesirable effects.

The effectiveness of therapeutic measures to get rid of toddlers from pinworms with the help of medicines depends on the preliminary preparation of their organisms. It consists in correcting the diet and is performed in exactly the same way as in adult patients. In addition, all members of the family invasive to these worms need to adhere to the following hygiene requirements:

  • Nails on the hands should be cut very short, since it is under them that the helminth eggs accumulate;
  • During therapy of enterobiasis, underwear changes 2 times a day, in the morning, and in the evening, and after washing with boiling it is ironed from 2 sides;
  • The lid of the toilet bowl and the pot must be regularly treated with disinfectants;
  • The apartment must be wet cleaned daily.

If these requirements are not complied with, any drugs against pinworms will not give the proper result, since the risk of re-infection is very high.

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