Oak bark with diarrhea for children, instruction on the use of oak decoction for diarrhea

Many people are known for the severe symptoms accompanying diarrhea, and the effectiveness and safety of folk recipes intended for its treatment. Very popular is the raw material, like oak bark. From diarrhea, even very strong, it helps both children and adults. Therapy of abnormal bowel dysfunction is carried out with a decoction prepared from it.

The therapeutic use of this remedy for stomach disorders is due to the fact that it contains a lot of tannic and astringent substances that quickly strengthen liquefied feces. In addition, there are a lot of flavonoids and organic acids in the oak cortex, which helps not only to stop diarrhea, but also to eliminate problems in the digestive tract, as well as improve digestion.

But do not forget that this remedy, like any other medication, requires proper administration. If you do not comply with the dosage, as well as certain rules for the preparation and use of decoction from the oak bark with diarrhea, children will experience such a side symptom as severe vomiting. With extreme caution, this remedy should be treated when it is intended for toddlers or pregnant women. When they have diarrhea, before you begin using it, you need to consult a specialist.

Instructions for the use of oak bark with diarrhea

This tool very effectively fixes the stool, but only if it is correctly used and does not allow an overdose both during the preparation of the preparation and during its use. Particular attention should be paid when therapeutic measures using decoction from the bark of oak for the elimination of diarrhea are carried out in young children. They use the remedy only in the form of enemas. I want to tell you about several of the most effective products that are prepared from this raw material and are used for diarrhea:

  • Instructions for preparing oak bark from diarrhea for enema to the baby is that it, along with the chemist's chamomile, must be put in a thermos, pour boiling water and leave so onhalf an hour. Next, the infusion should be filtered and cooled, then add a few drops of valerian in it. The use of this agent in diarrhea in children by the method of direct introduction into the intestine is very effective and helps to stop the stool in a very short period of time;
  • Effective for diarrhea and alcohol tincture, cooked on the bark of oak. To properly cook it, dry the raw materials to grind into crumb and pour alcohol. Insist means should not be less than a week. Instructions for taking it is that 20 drops of the prepared tincture are diluted in a glass of cold water and consumed twice a day before meals;
  • If the patient has chronic diarrhea, the oak bark is prepared as a decoction. To 300 ml of hot water is necessary 1 tsp. Raw materials, bring to a boil and leave on low heat to simmer for 10 min. The cooled product should be filtered. It is taken by children three times a day for 1 tbsp.l.;
  • To eliminate severe diarrhea in 3 liters of hot water, you should put 100 g of oak cortex, boil for half an hour on the lowest heat and let it brew for half an hour. Drink this broth three times a day for 1 glass. For more than 3 days, it should not be used to prevent constipation.

Do not use remedy for hemorrhoids or prone to constipation. Before starting treatment for diarrhea in children caused by serious illnesses, you should always consult a doctor. As a side effect of the drug, there may be a possible occurrence of an allergic rash on the baby's body.

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