Balsams with hemorrhoids Karavaev, Shostakovski, Bittner, treatment with asterisk

Therapeutic effect on hemorrhoids is carried out through a variety of pharmaceuticals. The effectiveness of therapy is determined by the multifactority, so often to get rid of this pathological condition appoint balsams.

Today in pharmacies there are four balms Karavaeva. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, the drug Gemoraton. This drug is used to care for the perianal area. It is also an excellent preventive tool against the development of hemorrhoids.

The balm content is extracts of curative plants and essential oil. These components have a pronounced effect in the fight against inflammation, as well as reliably arrest pain perception. In addition, Karavaev's balm with hemorrhoids prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and re-infection.

Oil must be used after washing. It is applied around the area of ​​the anus and awaits complete absorption.

Also recommended for hemorrhoids balm for Viva's Karavaev. This tool contains an extract of 12 plants with healing properties( wormwood, yarrow, camomile, and others).In addition to anti-inflammatory properties, the drug contributes to the recovery processes from the skin in the area of ​​their damage and destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The dosage of the drug and the duration of therapy are determined by the doctor. Usually, no more than 0.5 ml of the drug is applied to the affected area at a time.

Shostakovskiy's balm with hemorrhoids

Vinilin Shostakovskogo consists of components of natural origin. Each of them has an anti-inflammatory effect. Substances that includes Shostakovskiy's balm with hemorrhoids, eliminate pain syndrome and increase local defense of the body from the penetration of pathogenic microbes. The drug promotes the restoration of damaged cells of the mucous membranes and tissues.

Vinilin is recommended as a prophylactic. It restores the metabolism, thereby reducing the course of the inflammatory process. In addition, the drug has an enveloping property, due to which when bowel movements are not violated the integrity of the rectum.

Most often, hemorrhoids use compresses based on Viniline. To do this, the product is applied to cheesecloth or napkin, which should then be applied to the area of ​​the anal opening. Compresses with the drug should be used three times a day.

In addition, the agent can be administered directly to the rectum using a syringe. Single dosage should not be less than 2 ml. This drug is recommended at the initial stages of the disease. With neglected forms, the drug can only relieve the pain syndrome.

Bittner's balm with hemorrhoids

Balm is effective in hemorrhoids due to its composition. In the preparation there are more than 10 different medicinal plants, among which one can distinguish:

  • Angelica( rhizome) medicinal;
  • Iris of the German variety( also rhizomes);
  • Nut - a kind of nutmeg( fruits);
  • Licorice is a variety of naked( roots);
  • Teriak and several other species.

Also in the composition of Bittner balsam there are ethyl alcohol and purified water. The drug is characterized by good performance in the fight against the inflammatory cascade in the body, spasm of muscle cells, improves the excretion of excess fluid, and also exhibits choleretic, antiseptic and restorative effects. In addition, it increases the general immunity of the organism to the influence of external negative factors and pathogenic microbes.

Bittner's balm with hemorrhoids is applied externally. It removes the itching and pain syndrome, reduces the foci of inflammation. In the presence of open wounds and other damage to the skin, dermatitis, the drug can not be used.

The medicine is applied to a cotton swab or gauze bandage in a small amount, after which it must be applied for a while to the anus. Time of therapeutic reception is regulated by a specialist. This will directly depend on the intensity of pathological signs and clinical characteristics of the patient. This drug acts as a preventive or concomitant in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with balsam Asterisk

Balm Asterisk is prescribed for inflammation of the hemorrhoids. The drug is also effective in the healing of cracks formed in the anus. In the composition of the drug there are cloves, mint, dog rose, camphor, eucalyptus, petrolatum and menthol. Due to this combination of components, balm quickly eliminates the symptoms that are characteristic for the inflammation of the veins of the anal opening. In addition, the drug normalizes blood flow and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

The drug should be applied to the area of ​​the anal opening and wait until it is completely absorbed. Before use, it is recommended to completely empty the intestine. The asterisk has few contraindications. In cases where a person demonstrates intolerance to any ingredient, the use of the drug is contraindicated.

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