Treatment of the main causes of dizziness, noise and ringing in the ears

1 Causes of

Before prescribing treatment, a physician should find out what caused such changes in the body, which caused ringing and dizziness.

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In medical practice, ringing in the ears is called tinnitus. An interesting fact is that noise in the head can have a different character. Patients indicate that in one ear they feel one vibration, and in the other - others, while their strength, too, can be different.

To find out the cause of dizziness and noise in the ears, it is necessary to perform a number of diagnostic measures. Such patients are immediately sent to two specialists for examination - an ENT doctor and a therapist. This is due to the fact that this condition can cause the following diseases:

  1. Hypertension. Due to increased blood pressure, including intracranial, there is a feeling of muffled extraneous sound in the ears, headache, nausea and dizziness may appear. If the blood pressure is high, vomiting may occur.
  1. Atherosclerosis. With this disease there is clogging of blood vessels with plaques, which causes problems with the outflow of blood. This causes a constant noise in the ear.
  1. Post-traumatic head injuries. Virtually all injuries associated with the brain have such unpleasant consequences as dizziness and tinnitus.
  1. Cervical osteochondrosis. This disease is characterized by irreversible processes of change in the cartilaginous tissue of the spine. The processes affect the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Such phenomena cause ringing, dizziness, alteration of the walk, disturbance of coordination of movement, weakness in the hands.
  1. Neurological diseases. Such symptoms are typical for most neurological diseases. Diseases of the ear, sulfuric cork. In such cases, patients indicate more on ringing in the ears, hearing impairment. With timely diagnosis and proper treatment, such symptoms will disappear in a couple of days.
  1. Failures in the circulatory system. In such cases, there is a violation of the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, which causes oxygen starvation and such symptoms may occur.

2 Symptom symptom

Ringing in the ears can be of a transient nature or transient. The latter is more noted in people of advanced age. Due to a long time in complete silence, lack of communication, a person begins to hear the inner workings of his body. Doctors call such a sound physiological noise and do not offer medication.

At the same time, each person at a doctor's reception characterizes these sounds in different ways. Some claim that they hear a sharp constant sound, others - muffled, periodic. Everyone agrees that ringing in the ears is stronger in the evening, that the natural sleep is disturbed, headaches or dizziness occur. Some patients, when they feel such symptoms begin to succumb to depressive states and various phobias.

Dizziness and tinnitus occur almost in all cases at the same time, with an unstable approach, nausea, problems with orientation in space.

Dizziness itself is an illusion of movement( here there may be rotation, flight, swinging, falling) of the body relative to the surface or other objects. Basically, such a symptom is accompanied by loss of balance, fear, desire to find support or grab for a certain object. Most often such a symptom is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, increased sweating.

The cause of the phenomenon is an incorrect signal in the vestibular apparatus. The receptors of the vestibular apparatus are located in the inner ear, and the signal to the brain is from there.

This arrangement and relationship of the ear and the brain centers and explains why tinnitus and dizziness occur almost simultaneously.

3 Diagnosis

In order to find out the causes of dizziness and noise in the ears, you should immediately contact a specialist. It is worth remembering that such manifestations are a non-self-sustaining disease, and a symptom, in some cases, a serious enough disease that will manifest itself with more force.


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First of all, the cervical department will be assigned. X-rays, MRI, tomography can be offered here in order to see the presence of pathological changes in this area.

The ultrasound of cerebral vessels is mandatory. This procedure helps to examine the vessels of the neck and head, to measure intracranial pressure. Very often there are cases when blood pressure is within normal limits, and intracranial pressure is increased.

The ENT doctor performs ear examinations with the aid of an otoscope.

When the cause was found, treatment is started not by the symptom itself, but by the disease that caused it.

If atherosclerosis is established, drugs prescribed to help clear vessels from plaques, normalize blood pressure. When the proper delivery of oxygen to the brain is provided, then nausea, dizziness, and weakness will disappear.

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In the diagnosis of vascular pathologies, a course of drug therapy is prescribed.

It is aimed at improving the state of the blood vessels of the body and diluting blood. It is worth noting that such diseases require systematic treatment.

If dizziness, nausea, tinnitus are caused by strokes or ischemic attacks, then the treatment is performed in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist.

When diagnosing problems with arterial pressure, a medicinal cycle of drugs with mandatory prevention and regular intake of antihypertensive agents is proposed.

If nausea, noise and dizziness are caused by tumoral processes in the brain, surgical intervention may be recommended.

If it is determined that the cause was otitis media of the middle ear, then treatment with a doctor is recommended. Depending on the manifestation of the disease and the complexity of the treatment, surgery may be recommended( in some cases, ringing in the ear, dizziness and nausea may be evidence of damage to the tympanic membrane).

Doctors' advice:

  1. For calming and normalizing the patient's condition( for relaxation), it is advisable to put on headphones and listen to quiet quiet music.
  1. It is compulsory at these times to control blood pressure. If the indicators are above the norm, then you need to drink the medicine.
  1. You should reconsider your attitude towards salt. Food should try to add to a minimum, since sodium contributes to the aggravation of the condition itself.
  1. Some medications, such as aspirin, cause ringing in the ears.
  1. With regular manifestations of such symptoms, it is necessary to exclude coffee, black tea, chocolate, nicotine, spirits from food.
  1. Accustom yourself to regular exercise. Morning exercise every day is an effective way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.
  1. Try not to bring yourself to stressful situations.

4 Traditional medicine recipes

Traditional medicine offers a number of recipes that can affect such symptoms as dizziness, nausea, tinnitus.

  1. In the head of the onion is made a groove and filled with seeds of cumin. Then this onion is baked and juice is squeezed out of it. The resulting juice can be instilled in each ear canal for 2 drops in the morning and in the evening. It is not necessary to stop treatment immediately after the disappearance of the ringing, it is advisable to do this procedure for a few more days.
  2. Juice from yarrow can be dripped into the ear canals in otitis.
  3. Alcohol tincture of propolis with vegetable oil can be used for cotton swabs. The ingredients are taken in a ratio of 1: 4, mixed and applied to tampons. Enter them in 2 ears for the whole night. Such procedures should last at least 12 times.
  4. Dill water can be used to stimulate and normalize blood circulation in the body. Take 100 ml of decoction 3 times a day before meals. It is necessary to treat this method for at least 8 weeks.
  5. Kalina, boiled in boiling water, helps to lower blood pressure.
  6. Brewed viburnum with a little honey will be an excellent tool for instilling ears.

Feeling at least once dizzy, nausea, tinnitus, you need to urgently consult a doctor. It is worth remembering that these are symptoms that may indicate the development of a serious disease. And the best option for treating any disease is its prevention. Take care of your health, and it will certainly repay a lot of positive and energy.

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