What ointment to treat hemorrhoids, which one can use( apply), which is good, how to smear, how to choose?

Ointments from hemorrhoids, along with candles, are quite effective in treating this disease. It can not play the role of the whole therapeutic complex, but as a local remedy with anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effect, it is suitable. In this case, in the treatment of hemorrhoids, ointments of a wide spectrum of action or a narrow direction can be used.

On the pharmacological market, there are many tools that are good enough to help remove unpleasant symptoms and stop bleeding. These preparations of domestic and imported production are sold in different price categories. Of the ointments of a wide spectrum of action, the most popular are heparin, sintomycin, Vishnevsky, and Troxevasin. All of them help to remove inflammation of the external and internal hemorrhoids due to the improvement of blood circulation in the inflamed rectum, the regeneration of tissues, anesthesia, the reduction of swelling and the size of the nodes. Often in the treatment of hemorrhoids olepichovuyu ointment is used, the main component of which is the seed oil of sea-buckthorn berries. This means you can smear both internal and external hemorrhoids. It has practically no contraindications, except personal intolerance.

The above medicines refer to broad-spectrum drugs. They successfully treat not only the inflammation of the rectal zone, but also inflammation of the skin and soft tissues of any parts of the body. There are still ointments that are used only for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The compositions of the narrow pharmacological group are developed by manufacturers taking into account the peculiarities of the inflammatory processes of the cavernous tissue of the rectal zone, therefore the effectiveness of their application is higher, as is the therapeutic result, than in the treatment with a wide spectrum of action.

What ointments to use for hemorrhoids?

The effectiveness and effectiveness of treatment directly depend on such factors:

  • stage of the disease;
  • formulation;
  • reception circuit;
  • personal characteristics of the patient's body.

Various natural and synthetic components can be present in the composition of the products. The effect that the patient can expect from using the drug depends on the active substance. If the main component of the gel is an anesthetic, then this drug will anesthetize, and if the main ingredient is a hemostatic, then this composition is helpful in rectal bleeding. As a rule, preparations have a complex composition, so the effect of using such a tool will be strong. If you smear with such a drug hemorrhoids, after 15-20 minutes you can feel the reduction of symptoms:

  • pain subsides;
  • disappears sensation of a full intestine;
  • stops bleeding;
  • decreases the inflammation and size of the cicatrized hemorrhoids.

The effect of drugs can last up to 12 hours, so they are traditionally used twice a day: after defecation and at night. To get the maximum effect from the use of ointment in the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is necessary, before choosing it from the proposals of the pharmacological market, to consult a doctor. The specialist not only knows the compositions of different means, but also understands the principle of their action, so it will help to choose the optimal drug for a particular case.

What ointments help with hemorrhoids?

Whatever ointment you decide not to treat, it should be understood that, like any dosage form, they have their advantages and disadvantages of use. Discomfort can occur when trying to smear internal hemorrhoids, if the kit does not come with a special nozzle for rectal administration. In this case, you can apply ointment on a cotton swab, which is pushed into the rectum. With external hemorrhoids, such problems do not arise. They are smeared with a thin layer of ointment. In this case, the "side effect" can be oily traces on the laundry. But with severe symptoms of the disease, many patients simply disregard this inconvenience, as they hurry to stop unpleasant symptoms.

The benefits of using ointments in the treatment of inflammations of rectum include universality: the drug is easily applied, even a person who has first encountered the need to treat hemorrhoids should cope.

What ointments to use from hemorrhoids?

Ointment is applied to the clean dry skin of external nodes or inserted into the anal opening on a cotton swab, but only after cleansing enema or defecation. Do not rub the drug into the nodes or massage the inflamed parts of the rectal zone. After application, the drug is absorbed into the deep layers of the epidermis and spreads throughout the inflammation zone with blood flow.

What ointment to treat hemorrhoids? We offer you a list of the most popular products with a brief description:

  • Heparin ointment is a broad-spectrum agent used for inflammatory processes of soft tissues and skin. When hemorrhoids ointment helps to reduce the size of the nodes, remove puffiness. Has a minor anesthetic and cooling effect.
  • Troxevasin is a broad-spectrum drug that increases the elasticity and strength of the vessel walls. Troxevasin is used for varicose veins of the lower extremities, but it has proved useful in the treatment of inflammations of the cavernous tissue of the rectal zone. To cure hemorrhoids, it is recommended to apply the drug to the cicatrized cones twice a day. Relief is a drug with a narrow focus. The main active substance of the remedy is shark liver oil, which allows you to effectively treat hemorrhoids even in neglected forms.
  • Posterizan. This drug, released in the form of an ointment, treats hemorrhoids successfully, as it has a regenerating effect, increases local immunity, anesthetizes, reduces inflammation.
  • Proctosan. To treat hemorrhoids with this ointment is possible with such symptoms as itching and throbbing pain, rectal bleeding, a feeling of fullness of the intestine.
  • Treat hemorrhoids with ointment Hepatrombin is recommended when it is necessary to achieve an analgesic and thrombolytic effect.
  • Multifunctional ointment Bezronil is used for complicated disease, accompanied by loss of hemorrhoids, severe pain, bleeding.

In each case, it is recommended to use your drug. That means, which helps with the initial stages, can not always be used on 3-4 phases of hemorrhoid development. Before smearing out the hemorrhoids with any of the means, you need to consult a specialist who, after examining and studying the symptoms, will help you choose the most effective remedy.

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