Syrup Dufalac for dysbacteriosis

Dysbacteriosis can have many causes, and last but not least is the shortage of probiotics in food. It is these nutrients that stimulate the full growth and development of normal intestinal microflora, but their deficiency can trigger the development of dysbiosis. In connection with this, the treatment of this disease is often associated with the intake of syrups containing prebiotic medicinal forms, one of which is Dufalac.

This preparation contains the carbohydrate-lactulose necessary for the development of useful intestinal microflora. It promotes the development of the necessary population of lacto- and bifidobacteria, under whose influence the internal environment of the intestine becomes unfavorable for harmful microorganisms.

Dufalac is not unique in its kind, but according to the conclusions of many doctors, it is considered the most qualitative medicine for dysbiosis, since this syrup has a more pronounced therapeutic effect and has the least pronounced side effects. Although Dufalac's administration may be prescribed to treat constipation, rarely intestinal disorders from taking this drug last longer than 5 days.

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Treatment of dysbacteriosis Dufalac at the early stages of the disease in most cases does not require additional medications. The 1 st and 2 nd degree of this disease is characterized by a decrease in the number of bifido- and lactobacilli, with which lactulose-containing syrup successfully fights. More severe forms of dysbiosis may require the use of drugs of the bacterial group in combination with Dufalac - Bifiform, Linex.

Do not start treatment for dysbiosis yourself! Only after all the necessary examinations the doctor will be able to determine the dosage needed in a particular case, and to select a set of required concomitant medications. An overdose of Dufalac can trigger gastric disorders, pain and diarrhea. And to people with individual intolerance of the contained carbohydrate or increased sugar, this syrup from dysbacteriosis is contraindicated.

In addition to receiving Dufalac or other preparations that contain lactulose, you can diversify your diet with foods that contain prebiotics. Sour milk products and milk directly contain not only a sufficient amount of the necessary carbohydrate, but also a certain percentage of microorganisms that can restore the intestinal microflora. These products can be a sufficient prevention of the manifestation of dysbiosis in children and adults.

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