Solcoseryl with ulcer of stomach - treatment with injections

The biogenic drug Solcoseril with gastric ulcer has proven clinical value in the treatment of the disease. The Swiss agent of strong effect is made on the basis of an extract obtained from the blood of calves. In the standard composition there are amino acids and purines, without which there is no exchange of substances in the body, as well as components that are vital for life: polypeptides. The medicine is not new, but it still does not have a synthetic analog.

Pharmacological studies have proven the ability of the drug to deliver oxygen to tissues and to energize the energy resources of cellular structures. Therefore, using injections of Solcoseryl, scarring of defects occurs quickly and fundamentally. Injections with ulcer activate enzymes that are responsible for redox processes in the intestine, resulting in epithelialization in the pathologically altered mucosa. It has been proved that injections of Solcoseryl with stomach ulcer have a protective and fibrinolytic effect.

Most patients confirm that the use of Solcoseryl in gastric ulcer on the 4th day of therapy completely eliminates pain in the epigastric region. Wavy spontaneous pain syndrome is stopped on the 14th day of treatment. Digestive disorders, which are manifested by heartburn, vomiting reflex and uncontrolled salivation, disappear after the 1st week of injections. In patients who received the complex treatment of ulcers of the stomach Solcoseryl, the general condition of all body systems was significantly improved, sleep and appetite were restored more quickly, negative emotional mood disappeared.

Features of the use of Solcoseryl in gastric ulcer

Course therapy has confirmed the positive effects on the main chemical and physical functions of the stomach after injections of the drug Solcoseryl. The instruction contains information on the activation of endogenous processes, which are responsible for self-regulation of disorders in the mucosal epithelium. The drug effectively improves the performance of not only the intestines, but also the liver. Along with this, in the body, toxic substances are neutralized by the biological method.

The duration of therapy in which Solcoseryl is used in gastric ulcer depends on the individual characteristics of the anamnesis of the disease. Usually the scheme is calculated for 1-2 months. During this time there is a complete scarring of mucosal defects. However, if the patient has a tendency to frequent seasonal exacerbations, then the treatment process after replenishment of ulcerative foci is prolonged for 14 days with the appointment of one or two injections per week. The drug is released in ampoules of 2 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml for intravenous or intramuscular injection. By the way, the simultaneous use of antibiotics with a biogenic drug has no contraindications.

How to correctly introduce Solcoseryl?

Injections of Solcoseryl in gastric ulcer are administered intramuscularly or intravenously. Scheme intramuscular treatment has the following format:

  • first day take 1 ampoule drug volume of 2 ml;
  • on the second day of the dose is doubled;
  • on the third day the patient should receive a medicine in the amount of 6 ml.
  • in the next 18 days of course therapy, the amount of 6 ml is not changed.

To ensure that there is no negative reaction of the body to the drug, the doctor prescribes a test injection. Before the start of the course of therapy, a trial dose of 0.5 ml of Solcoseryl is administered to the patient for an allergic reaction of an unknown genesis. With an intravenous infusion of the solution, a very slow administration of the agent is indicated, and it is contraindicated mixing it with other pharmacological preparations.

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