Healthy pancreas, its health and recovery, how to improve?

It turns out that the state of our health is directly dependent on how the pancreas feels. And still, even if you have suffered a pancreatitis or suffer from diabetes, it is possible to revitalize this body. That's just where and how to improve the pancreas, many do not know.

Renewal of the prostate is a long and permanent process. Usually it is preceded by a thorough treatment, after which the doctor recommends a special diet. This is the first stage of recovery, which can be carried out to everyone at home. It will have to help the body on its own. It is necessary to make the right diet and choose the easiest foods for the body.

The most useful product for those who have suffered diseases associated with inflammation of the pancreas will be oatmeal. It is best to cook porridge from it, which it is desirable to use without adding oil and salt.

Want you to have a healthy pancreas, be sure to perform a breathing exercise for her. Perform exercises can be sitting or even standing, if it is more convenient. Prolonged inhalations should alternate with the same prolonged exhalations, while focusing on a pause between these two phases. During the delay of breathing, try to count to 3, relax the muscles and then exhale. Repeat this exercise up to 10 times and feel how great your healthy gland feels.

There are many folk recipes that contribute to the improvement of the pancreas. An excellent plant that cares for the pancreas and our health, for many years, people consider fennel seeds. One portion of the broth is taken a little less than a spoonful of peeled seeds. They need to pour boiling water( about 200 g) and insist. For a day, use the whole broth in equal parts.

Some healers know how to heal the pancreas, using herbal remedies. The most common is a collection consisting of equal parts from the root of elecampane, calendula, wormwood, St. John's wort, burdock root, horsetail, string, cudweed, sage and chamomile. These 10 ingredients are mixed, and then 1 spoonful of collection is poured with boiled water. A glass of this decoction is drunk in a day in 3 divided doses before meals in about half an hour.

Try to improve the pancreas in sanatoria. Good reviews are available in patients about visiting sanatoriums in Truskavets and Karlovy Vary, where they know how to improve the pancreas, using balneotherapy and physiotherapeutic procedures, which are more than 100.

How to maintain the health of the pancreas?

To ensure that for many years the pancreas has functioned without any problems, it is necessary to carefully monitor the diet, since many foods eaten are very harmful to the health of this organ.

These products include alcoholic beverages, fatty foods, spices, flavorings and preservatives, carbonated drinks, meat broths, jellies, etc., ice cream, soup, sorrel soup, borsch, fast food products( French fries,hamburgers, cheeseburgers, etc.).

It should be noted that the above products should be taken in food in limited quantities, if there are no problems with the functioning of the pancreas, and if there are problems in its work, then these products must be completely excluded from the diet.

To maintain the health of the pancreas, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and adhere to the basic principles of nutrition, among which you can note the following:

  • Food should be divided and often.
  • You need to drink plenty of water.
  • The interval between two meals should not exceed five hours.
  • Reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates and increase - proteins.
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