Pain in the right or left side with diarrhea, why does it hurt in the hypochondrium?

With diarrhea, pain in the right or left side can often occur. Its localization speaks volumes. An experienced gastroenterologist, by the nature of the stool and the intensity of pain, can easily suspect a diagnosis, which is confirmed by various diagnostic tests. But even a simple person, far from medicine, should be able to identify the preliminary cause of the ailment. Such knowledge helps to assess the severity of the disease and in time to seek medical help.

Pain in the right side of the diarrhea can be accompanied for various reasons. It can be:

  1. Appendicitis.
  2. Inflammatory bowel disease.
  3. Intestinal infections.

To determine what exactly the patient is worried about, the accompanying symptoms help. For example, if the pain occurs somewhere in the middle of the abdomen, and then sharply shifts to the right side, to its lowest part, while the peritoneum itself becomes very mild, if such manifestations are accompanied not only by diarrhea, but also by nausea, vomiting,loss of appetite, a similar clinical picture indicates appendicitis. The disease is characterized by the fact that all of the listed manifestations occur against a background of high body temperature. Treatment of the condition involves the surgical removal of the inflamed process.

Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases( such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease) can also manifest as particularly severe debilitating conditions in which there is chronic diarrhea and permanent pain in the right flank. It intensifies after taking certain foods, after an improper diet, excessive physical exertion. A characteristic symptom of inflammatory bowel diseases is a constant weight loss of the patient, diarrhea with blood, an increase in body temperature to 30 degrees. If you ignore the acute phases and engage in self-medication, it becomes possible the emergence of complications incompatible with life.

If at the same time it hurts the right side and torments copious diarrhea, one can suspect one of the most dangerous intestinal infections - salmonellosis. It is always accompanied by symptoms of intoxication( nausea, frequent vomiting, severe fever from 38 and above).With such diseases, treatment should be carried out in the infectious departments of city and regional hospitals.

Pain in the left side and diarrhea

Different intensity of pain localized in the left side, and appearing along with diarrhea, can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Pancreatic malfunction.
  2. Intestinal pathologies.
  3. Oncology.

With pancreatic dysfunction, the pain that occurs in the left side is not localized in one particular place, but is poured around the waist and back. Sometimes it shifts and rises in the hypochondrium, gives in the back. An unstable chair indicates that chronic pancreatitis develops. With exacerbation of vomiting is not observed, but nausea is present, along with her patient worried about bloating. It occurs because the dysfunction of the pancreas leads to the cessation of the production of certain enzymes involved in the digestive process. Therefore, despite normal nutrition, a sick person almost always experiences a strong sense of hunger.

In the formation of bowel dysfunction, pain in the left side may appear due to the development of the inflammatory process in the colon. It is caused by infections caused by the penetration of viruses or bacterial microorganisms. In parallel with the described symptom and diarrhea, the patient complains of the presence of mucus or blood in the liquid stool, the appearance of temperature, the reluctance to eat, joint pain, and constant weight loss.

If there is a sharp weight loss, and the pain in the left side does not have a clear localization, if there is a bloody diarrhea and a strong bloating, there is a risk of developing bowel oncology.

Pain in the right or left hypochondrium and diarrhea

When diarrhea is accompanied by pain in the right upper quadrant, in the upper half of the abdomen and has a long aching character, you can suspect an exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis. Confirm the diagnosis of the accompanying symptoms: the appearance of bitterness in the mouth, a slight increase in temperature, an unpleasant eructation, constant nausea, which can lead to vomiting. With cholecystitis, pain that is localized in the right hypochondrium, often goes upward, into the shoulder, is given there when any physical activity is increased, with strong shaking, nervous overstrain. Provoke her appearance may be improper nutrition: excessive consumption of fried foods, very spicy and oily, and also a constant intake of sweet carbonated drinks, beer or strong alcohol.

To stop an attack of pain in the right side helps complete rejection of any kinds of loads( on the digestive tract including).The patient is advised to adhere to bed rest, in the first day of fasting, in the following days to observe a sparing diet. To reduce discomfort, you can take pills for diarrhea, pain medications. As the main drug treatment is prescribed antibacterial therapy.

Intensive pain in the left hypochondrium with diarrhea, which shifts sideways, almost always indicates the appearance of gastritis. It intensifies immediately after eating. Together with her, there is nausea, vomiting and upset of the chair.

Almost always pain in the right or left side or the hypochondrium with diarrhea is a sign of serious malfunctions, it is possible to cope with them, but only with the help of prolonged treatment under the supervision of the profiling doctor.

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