Ototon drops in the ears: user manual, reviews, composition, analogue

Ototon is considered a fairly effective medicine that helps with ear pathologies. This combination drug successfully eliminates inflammation and produces a strong analgesic effect. To cope with the disease, it is important to use the medication under the supervision of an otolaryngologist.

Composition, form, package

The composition of drops contains 2 active substances:

  • phenazone - an analgesic component from the category of pyrazolones;
  • Lidocaine is a remedy that has a local anesthetic effect.

Additional ingredients include glycerin, ethanol, and sodium thiosulfate.

With the help of the drug can cope with inflammation and pain, which often accompanies otitis.

The product is an ear drop. Each bottle contains 16 g of the drug. The bottle is placed in a cardboard box.


This substance is produced by the Ukrainian company "Farmak".


Ototon is used for symptomatic treatment and relief of pain that accompanies middle ear pathologies:

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  • acute otitis media;
  • barotrauma otitis media;
  • edematous otitis of a viral nature.


Drops have a number of contraindications:

  • infectious lesion or trauma of the tympanic membrane;
  • sensitivity to components;
  • intolerance to amide preparations that have a local anesthetic effect.

Mechanism of Action

Otton includes two active components at once. So, phenazone is considered a derivative of pyrazolone, which has an analgesic effect and stops inflammation. Lidocaine refers to local anesthetics from the amide group.

Due to a combination of these ingredients, the drug has pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Instruction for use

Specialists advise to inject 4 drops of otone into the auditory opening 2-3 times daily. Therapy should not last more than 10 days. If the drug does not help, the doctor chooses another therapy scheme.

To minimize discomfort due to the contact of the epithelium of the ear canal and the cold solution, it is necessary to heat the solution in the hand before insertion into the ears.

It is then recommended to open the vial and screw it to the dropper. Turn the container over and insert 4 drops into the ear canal. For this, it is necessary to press slightly on the center of a dropper. After use, the white cap should be well screwed and put the bottle in the package.

How to instill drops in the ears, see in our video:

Side effects of

Very rarely there is a risk of allergies, redness of the skin, irritation. In addition, there may be rashes and itching.


If you follow medical advice, the risk of overdose is minimal.

Special instructions

Always check the integrity of the membrane before using the medication. In the presence of damage, there is a risk of getting a medication in the middle ear. This is fraught with adverse reactions in this area.

It is important to consider that the medication includes a component that can give positive results in conducting anti-doping tests.

If necessary, the drug is allowed to use during pregnancy and lactation. However, it is important to get a doctor's consultation beforehand.

Drug Interactions

No data are available on the interaction of the otone with other substances.

Reviews about

According to numerous reviews on this drug, it is very effective, since it helps to cope with pain and inflammation in otitis media. However, it is important to adhere strictly to all the recommendations of an ENT doctor. This helps to minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

Price for Ototon

The cost of the drug is approximately 130 rubles.


Analogs include:

  • oticin;
  • otix;
  • otypax.

Analogues of the drug Ototon


Choose cheap analogs is quite difficult, because the drug itself is inexpensive.

Synonyms of the drug

To synonyms of the drug, which include the same active substances, include:

  • otofiks;
  • Droplet.

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Terms of leave from pharmacies

Drops can be bought without a prescription.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Drops should be stored in a package. The maximum temperature is 25 degrees. The product is stored for 2 years. Once the container is opened, the medication can be used for no more than 1 month.

Ototon is considered a very effective remedy, which helps to cope with otitis of different origin. To obtain excellent results and not to damage health, the substance is used solely by the prescription of an ENT doctor.

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